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Amazon Prime Free Games

Are you a gamer and looking for new adventure games? if yes, then look no further than Amazon Prime Free Games.

Using Amazon Prime, you not only enjoy fast shipping, exclusive deals, and access to Prime Video, but you also get various free games every month.

In this article, we will explore the exciting lineup of games coming in June 2023.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Free Games

Amazon Prime Free Games offer many benefits to its members. Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the key advantages:

Cost-effective gaming:

Using Amazon Prime Free Games, you can enjoy a huge collection of games without spending any extra money.

It’s an excellent way to expand your gaming library without spending money.

Variety and selection:

Every month, Amazon Prime offers games. Whether you are a fan of action or adventures, your role-playing games, or mind-bending puzzles, there is something for everyone.

Unlimited gameplay:

Once you have claimed a game, it’s yours to keep and play as much as you like. There are no time limits or restrictions.

Amazon Prime Free Games June 2023

June 2023 promises to be an exciting month for Amazon Prime Free Games subscribers. Let’s take a closer look at the free games on offer this month.

  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
  • Autonauts
  • Revita
  • Sengoku 2
  • Mutation Nation
  • The Super Spy
  • Top Hunter
  • Soccer Brawl
  • Over Top
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Once Upon a Jester
  • Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf
  • Roguebook

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Embark on an epic adventure in this enhanced edition of the classic RPG, Neverwinter Nights. Create your own hero, engage in thrilling quests, and forge your destiny in the Forgotten Realms.


Unleash your creativity in Autonauts, a charming simulation game. Build and automate a thriving colony, teach robots new skills, and watch as your world comes to life.


Prepare for a challenging and atmospheric rogue-lite experience in Revita. Explore a haunting pixel-art world, discover powerful upgrades, and face off against formidable enemies.

Sengoku 2

Dive into the rich world of feudal Japan in Sengoku 2. Take control of powerful warriors, unleash devastating attacks, and conquer your foes in this classic beat ’em up.

Mutation Nation

Fight against a horde of mutants and save humanity in Mutation Nation. Use your martial arts skills and special powers to unleash devastating combos and restore peace.

The Super Spy

Step into the shoes of a secret agent in The Super Spy. Infiltrate enemy bases, engage in intense combat, and unravel a thrilling espionage storyline.

Top Hunter

Join forces with a friend and embark on a retro-style platforming adventure in Top Hunter. Explore exotic planets, defeat powerful bosses, and save the galaxy from an intergalactic threat.

Soccer Brawl

Get ready for fast-paced soccer action with a futuristic twist in Soccer Brawl. Choose from a variety of teams, use special abilities, and score spectacular goals in this arcade sports game.

Over Top

Experience adrenaline-pumping racing action in Over Top. Take control of powerful vehicles, navigate challenging tracks, and compete against skilled opponents in this thrilling arcade racer.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Embark on a mining adventure in SteamWorld Dig 2. Explore underground caverns, uncover hidden treasures, and upgrade your gear in this critically acclaimed platformer.

Once Upon a Jester

Embark on a whimsical journey in Once Upon a Jester. Solve puzzles, interact with quirky characters, and unravel a charming story set in a vibrant fantasy world.

Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf

Join a homeless dwarf on a quest to find his place in the world in Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf. Match gems, uncover treasures, and help the dwarf restore his lost glory.


Enter a world of magic and adventure in Roguebook. Build a deck of powerful cards, navigate treacherous dungeons, and defeat challenging enemies in this roguelike deck-building game.

June 2023 brings a collection of captivating games to Amazon Prime Free Games subscribers. From RPGs and simulations to action-packed adventures, there’ is something for every gaming enthusiast to enjoy.


Amazon Prime giving Free Games continue to provide incredible value to gaming lovers.

These are the free games exclusively available to Amazon Prime members through the Amazon Games App.

You can download the app, claim your games, and start playing according to your interest.

I would suggest please do not miss out on the opportunity to expand your gaming library.


Q1: Are the free games available for multiple platforms?

Yes, Amazon Prime Free Games provide various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Q2: Can I play the free games even if I cancel my Amazon Prime subscription?

A: No, because you need an active Amazon Prime subscription to access and play the free games.

Q3: Can I keep the free games forever?

Yes, once you claim a free game, it is your choice to keep and play as long as you want.

Q4: How often does Amazon Prime update its free game selection?

Amazon Prime offers new free games every month, giving you a fresh collection to explore regularly.

Q5: Can I play the free games offline?

It depends on the game. Some games may require an internet connection, while others can be played offline.

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