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AFK Arena Events

Do you know what the current AFK Arena Events are? Many users are unaware of the New events of AFK Arena.

There are various kinds of events running in the AFK arena Game.

Events help us to win exciting rewards and more diamonds, summons, and new heroes.

In this post, I will share the latest ongoing AFK arena events. You can follow all the events and collect more rewards.

Ongoing AFK Arena Events

Event name: Mythic Prophecy

A new adventure begins – Mythic Prophecy! Adventurers can follow the prophecy during the event and discover their fate to win amazing rewards!

Event Time: UTC 8/11 00:00 – 8/15 23:59

Event name: Xmas & 2023 Fanart

Xmas & 2023 Fanart Contest officially launched! Rewards include cash, souvenirs, and diamonds!

Submission form:…

Submission period: 20/11/2022 – 15/01/2023 (d/m/y)

Event Name: Story in the comment

Write your story version in the comment section, along with your game ID and server ID.

More than 50 creative stories will be chosen to win the rewards!

The event is valid until July 17, 2022.

Event Name: Happy Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival has arrived! As the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, this festival features paper lanterns and delicious yuanxiao.😋

Code: zq9vrhx83e
Valid until: Feb 19 00:00 UTC

Event Name: Lost Sigils Event

Collect precious faction sigils and redeem them for valuable rewards!

Event Deadline: 2021/11/15 0:00 – 2021/11/26 23:59 UTC.

Event Name: LOGIN

Claim some awesome rewards such as Diamonds and a Reward Choice Chest, from which you can acquire rare resources such as red emblems and elemental shards/cores!

Event Deadline: Login for 7 days between November 10 and November 23

Event Name: Halloween

Would you be willing to invite Flora over for a party? Follow the event rules below to win some diamond rewards!

Event Deadline: Oct 31 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Heroes of Esperia league

Complete Stages 11-40 to participate. The duration of season-limited medals has been extended to 62 days.

Event time: 9/29 00:00 – 10/10 23:59 UTC

Login during 2021/9/30 00:00 – 2021/10/13 23:59 UTC to claim rewards such as diamonds and a Hero Choice Chest!

Event Nmae: Abyssal Aid

Fight in teams of 3 players and claim the treasures of the treacherous Arcane Labyrinth!

You can even “Quick Battle” through Dismal Maze if a member of your team completes it!

Event Deadline: 2021/09/16 8:00 – 2021/09/30 07:59 UTC.

Event Name: login event

Login for 7 days during August 21 and September 3 to claim some awesome rewards such as Diamonds and Common Hero Scrolls!

Event Deadline: 2021/08/21 0:00 – 2021/09/03 23:59 UTC.

Event Name: Big Giveback event

The Big Giveback event will become available soon! Patronize Rowan’s store daily to receive coupons that can be used to exchange rare resources!

Save your coupons until the final 3 days of each month to receive a 50% discount on all goods!

Event Deadline: 2021/08/18 0:00 – 2021/09/30 23:59 UTC.

Event Name: Summer Gifts

You can even claim a “Take Your Pick” chest that gives you a copy of any celestial and hypogean hero except Titus, so don’t miss out!

Event Deadline: 2021/08/04 0:00 – 2021/08/30 23:59 UTC.

Event Name: Summer

Summer is indeed a bountiful season in Esperia, bursting with login rewards!

Login during 2021/7/28 00:00 – 2021/8/6 23:59 UTC to claim rewards such as diamonds and a Hero Choice Chest!

Event Name: Esperia League

Join the fight and conquer your enemies!

The new season has been optimized with better rewards, guild fortune chests, and a new battlefield effect!

Event Deadline: 6/30 00:00 – 7/13 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Summer Surprises

Here is a list of ongoing events. You can participate in any event to get diamonds and heroes.

Login for 7 days during 2021/6/11 00:00 – 2021/6/20 23:59 UTC to claim some awesome rewards!

Current Status: ( Event Expired )

I also share New active AFK Arena Codes. You can follow our blog to get the new updates of Events and GIft codes.

Event Name: Mother’s Day

A total of 300 random players who have chosen the hero with the highest vote will receive 500 Diamonds.

Event deadline: May 10 23:59 UTC ( Expired )

Event Name: Prince of Persia

Which AFK Arena hero can be a good partner for the Prince of Persia?

Retweet this tweet with #AFKxPrinceofPersia and comment with your in-game ID/in-game name/Hero Name for a chance to be the 200 players to win 800 Diamonds

Event Deadline: May 5 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Abussal Expedition

Ezizh will also return as the final boss – hope you are already familiar with the best teams to fight him! As a non-beta season, this Abyssal expedition will have all the leaderboard ranking rewards.

Check out the event time below!

Pre-registration period (first phase): 2021/4/29 00:00 – 2021/4/30 23:59 23:59 UTC

Matching period: 2021/5/1 00:00 – 2021/5/1 23:59 UTCRegistration period (second phase): 2021/5/2 00:00 – 2021/5/3 23:59 UTC

Expedition: 2021/5/2 00:00 – 2021/5/19 23:59 UTC

Event Name: AFK 2nd Anniversary!

AFK Arena will soon welcome its 2nd anniversary! What better way to celebrate this moment than with a grand fan art event with fantastic rewards?

You can win an Amazon $100 Gift card and 10,000 Diamonds. There are some to participate in the event.

Create anniversary-themed artwork using the #Party2gether hashtag and win amazing rewards! Check out the prizes and rules below!

Event Name: Spring Spree

Spring Spree wouldn’t be complete without some friendly competition!

Check out the event details, and be sure to participate when they become available to get those sweet rewards – including an elite copy of Talene!

Event Time: 2021/2/8 00:00 – 2/27 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Heroes of Esperia

It’s been a while, but Heroes of Esperia will finally return on Jan 13! Join the event once it becomes available and make your way up the 6 different league divisions for some awesome rewards!

Event time: 2021/1/13 00:00 – 2021/1/29 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Autumn Arrives

Image by AFK Arena

As Autumn arrives, heroes’ rooms in the Oak Inn have also taken on a seasonal look.

Use Circus Medals to redeem the Autumnal Celebration Set furniture skin at Magician Hat’s Gift Card!

Event Time: 2020/10/21 00:00 – 2020/11/3 23:59 UTC

Event Name: Halloween

halloween event reveals
Image by AFK Arena

The realm of Esperia will soon welcome its Halloween, Noctis Animarum! Collect Arcane Scrolls and Circus Medals in the Magician’s Hat event and redeem them for rewards, including the Tango D’Anima skin for Elijah & Lailah!

Event time: 2020/10/21 00:00 – 2020/11/03 23:59 UTC

A new Voyage of Wonder – The Realm of Denial will also become available during Noctis Animarum!

Help Elijah and Lailah guide lost spirits to complete their unfinished business! 

Event duration: 2020/10/30 00:00 – 2020/11/12 23:59 UTC

AFK Arena Contest

It’s time for you to decide which 5 #AFKChibi artworks can win the popularity contest! Vote here: And don’t forget to check out the 50 winning artworks that will receive 3,000 diamonds


Deadline: June 18 23:59 UTC

Last Words

I hope you get the idea about AFK Arena events. If you still have any queries then comment below.

Please share this Afk arena event post with your friends. A new event is coming soon for 2024. Stay with us.

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