AFK Arena Redemption Codes October 2020 (100% Working)

AFK Arena Redemption Codes: You are looking for AFK arena codes then you will find some working codes in our site. I always bring working Redemption codes which help to advance in the game. 

We do not provide any wrong information about AFK arena codes. You can also bookmark our page for a further update about the AFK arena.

AFK arena always provides Redemption codes that help to get Free diamonds, Hero Scrolls, Rare Hero Soulstones. You can also check the tier list

200,000 Reddit follower Rewards

AFK Arena offered an exciting gift for the celebration of 200,000 followers complete on The award includes 1100 diamonds,  Elite Hero “Flora – The Serene Promises” as a reward. Here is the List

  • 1100 – Diamonds
  • 10 – Common Hero Scroll
  • 100 – Common Enhancement Tokens
  • 100 – Faction Scroll
  • 400k – Currency
  • 500 – Hero’s Essence

Note: The reward validity is 30 days, or we can say it will not appear at the end of July Month.

How To Grab Reddit offer?

Step 1: Update AFK arena latest Version From PlayStore.

Step 2: Check Mail on the Right Side.

Afk Arena Rewards mail
AFK Arena Rewards mail

Step 3: Open Reddit Offers.

Step 4: Click On Confirm to get all Rewards.

Afk Arena Rewards
AFK Arena Rewards

Update: Offer Expired

AFK Arena Redemption Codes 2020

I am going to give working AFK arena redemption codes list 2020. Copy and paste the code in order to get Diamonds, Summons, Heros, Gold and more.

You can also share these codes with your friends. Here is the look of AFK arena active codes.

afkmarkiplier300 Diamonds and 30 Elite Hero SoulstonesWorking
Ch3atc0de100 Diamonds and 100K Gold each codeWorking
AFKElijah500 Diamonds, 1000k Gold, 500 Hero’s EssenceWorking
invincible60 SoulstonesWorking
576w235suw300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero SoulstonesWorking
57kh69fhzr1500 diamonds and 60 Elite Hero Soulstone2020/10/02
3baee6v3v73000 diamonds2020/08/06
2gq55jii87300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero SoulstoneWorking
uf4shqjngq30 FREE summonsWorking
228j636fs91000 DiamondsExpired
vm894xsucf1000 DiamondsWorking
4rytg4u2q6300 DiamondsWorking
AFK Arena Redemption Codes

Autumn Extravagances

Autumn Extravagances
Autumn Extravagances

Esperia’s harvest seasons have arrived. AFK Arena offers 300 diamonds along with various gifts. It’s time to reap their Gift and celebrate. Click on the Gift bar on the left side to collect Gift.

Event Time: UTC 2020/9/15 00:00 – 2020/10/15 23:59

Epic Battle Moment Reward

Post a screenshot of most Epic moments and describe why so EPIC? 150 lucky adventurers on FB and Twitter will win 1000 Diamonds.

Expire Date: September 15th 23:59 UTC.

Festival of Oaths Gift

  • Collect 1000 diamonds in your Mail Box.

Father Day Special Codes: 228j636fs9

Reward: 1000 Diamonds

Code Validity: 2020/6/23 23:59:59 UTC

Gift code 1: uf4shqjngq

Reward: 30 FREE summons

30 FREE summons Reward
30 FREE summons Reward

Gift Code 2: vdgf3ak6fc

Reward: 1000 Diamonds

1000 diamonds reward
1000 diamonds reward

Gift Code 3: vxvtzgtz6f

1000 diamonds afk arena
1000 diamonds afk arena

Reward: 1000 Diamond

Gift Code 4: vm894xsucf

Copy and Paste the code to get Diamonds. These codes are 100% free and working codes.

How to Redeem Afk arena codes

I think many players have not idea where to put these codes in the Afk Arena game. I explained steps with a screenshot that will easy to redeem your Codes.

Step 1: First of all, Go to the top left-hand corner of the game and tap on the player avatar.

Step 2: Click on the “Settings” tab at the bottom.

setting afk arena
setting afk arena

Step 3: Tap on “Redemption Code.” under Services Categories.

redemption codes
redemption codes

Step 4: Enter the Gift code and Confirm it.

enter redemption codes
enter redemption codes

Above is the complete guide on how to redeem AFK arena codes.

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Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

Que. 1: How often do AFK Arena Codes get released?

Answer: Well, the AFK arena mostly released codes on festivals and events such as Mother Day, Father day, Children day. We also often seen when New update occurred, then We always get some diamonds.

Last Words

I hope you got AFK Arena Redemption Codes and redeemed in your game. Please do not forget to share with friends and comment below if you want more codes.

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