https // not working [ FIX ] 2021

Are you experiencing https // not working when you connect Microsoft account? If yes, then you need to worry. Here we are providing step-by-step reasons and solutions.

I know many people are facing Problems while connecting Minecraft with the Microsoft account. They got an error message

What is aka ms Remoteconnect PS4? is a website or we can say cross-platform for Minecraft users. PS4 and Nintendo Switch users have to verify and connect the Microsoft account Using an 8-digit code on this site.

Why is aka MS Remoteconnect not working?

Basically, aka ms remote connect is a web portal that helps to integrate Minecraft and Microsoft accounts. In other words, when users failed to connect the Microsoft account on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch then they face aka MS Remoteconnect not working.

Fix https // not working

We are providing various solutions to tackle aka MS Remoteconnect not working issue.

Solution 1: Unlink Microsoft account already linked.

When you see this error message, First of all, Users should Unlink the Microsoft account on PS4 and Nintendo Switch because you cannot add two Microsoft account. 

Step 1: Go to the game setting.

setting Minecraft
setting Minecraft

Step 2: Click On Profile Section.

profile minecraft
profile Minecraft

Step 3: On the right side, click on sign out of your Microsoft account.

sign out nintendo switch
sign out Nintendo switch

In this way, you can unlink the Microsoft account on Minecraft.

Solution 2: Clear history and cache on Devices.

Microsoft stores cache memory and the history of users. When users try to connect to Microsoft accounts they got an error message. Therefore, this could be the reason aka ms not working. 

After clearing the history and cache memory then open and fill the 8 digit code for verification.

sign in
sign in

Solution 3: Create a New Microsoft Account

If the error persists with the old Microsoft account and somehow it’s not working then create a new one. The below screenshot is an example.

Create new microsoft account
Create a new Microsoft account

Solution 4: Delete Minecraft Corrupted game Files.

There are many corrupted game files and you should need to delete all of them. Corrupted games files mean when users download from third-party sites to enhance the game experience.

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Last Words:

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