Why Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox 2024


Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox

Many people are trying to upload a custom image on the Xbox account, but unfortunately, they are getting an error. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown, the demand for games has increased significantly.

Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox
Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox

Microsoft employees are doing work from home. They all are working hard at this terrible time.

It’s a temporary issue and Microsoft is working on it. Stay tuned with us.

Why is Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox?

Microsoft temporarily turned off the ability to upload customized gamer pics. According to Xbox, we see record numbers across Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live, and Mixer. 

They are more concerned about their employees’ health that why you may wait longer to contact customer support.

They also take care of customer needs and try to give the best the demand of customer needs as much as possible.

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Fix Custom Gamerpic Not Uploading on Xbox 2024

I watched many videos on YouTube, installed the Mod Xbox app, and tried to upload a custom image. I wonder when it works, but I do not recommend using these types of applications. It might be illegal, and your information can be revealed.

I think you should wait for the next few days, which is the only answer; otherwise, you cannot do anything with Xbox.

There is no official confirmation by Microsoft when the issue will be resolved. We are all waiting for Microsoft’s next update, and it seems like it might be fixed in March.

The one thing is sure it is a temporary problem and within the next few days, it will again work fine like before. You do not need to worry about it.

How to upload custom gamerpic Xbox one

Step 1: Click on Profile & System.

Step 2: Select My Profile -> Customise profile -> Change gamerpic.

Step 3: Select Upload a customized Image.

upload custom gamerpic Xbox one

People’s Opinion About Uploading Issue

They are directly blaming Microsoft because of uploading issues, not the first time.

Someone’s opinion on Reddit is if PS4 servers are handling gamer pics fine million, then why not Xbox?

Contacting Xbox Support:

If you have followed all the troubleshooting steps and cannot upload custom gamerpics on Xbox, it may be time to seek assistance from Xbox Support.

They have dedicated teams to address issues related to profile customization, including problems with custom gamerpics.

I would say contacting Xbox Support allows you to provide specific details about the problem you are facing, increasing the chances of a quick resolution.

Last Words:

I hope you understand the problem and understand why Custom Gamerpic is Not Uploading on Xbox. If you want to add something to people’s opinions, then comment below. We will update your valuable feedback in this article.

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