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cod warzone game chat not working

Fix COD Warzone voice chat not working: Players report that COD Warzone voice chat is not working. Usually, you can hear your teammates speaking clearly, but they don’t hear your voice.

The most likely issue is with your microphone voice, which is not delivering.

You better understand how frustrating it is to play your favorite games while encountering issues that detract from the overall gameplay.

That’s what COD Warzone players face, Every time there is an update, we find both the fixes for old problems and new bugs and glitches.

The most helpful feature in any battle royale game that enhances multiplayer gameplay with buddies is the voice chat. when you need to reenergize or when everyone is prepared to invade at once.

You communicate and engage in combat via voice chat. Let’s explore what may be done to fix this problem and bring back the original gameplay.

Fix COD warzone voice chat not working

After all these years and updates, Warzone still has enough issues to spoil players’ gameplay experiences.

But don’t worry, you’re not the only one facing this issue. As not everyone uses the same platform to play games, we’ll explain a step-by-step solution to the Warzone voice chat issue on different platforms.

Fix Warzone game chat not working PC

If you are a Windows user, then there’s no doubt that you might be facing an issue with COD Warzone.

When playing games on Windows and PC, the majority of players frequently experience errors and glitches. Make sure to follow these steps to fix the COD warzone voice chat not working on the PC issue.

Solution 1: Allow Microphone access

Step 1: Open Windows Search and search for “Microphone Access.”

Step 2: Open the first result and turn on “Let apps access your microphone.”

Step 3: Scroll down to find COD Warzone and turn on the button to give it access to the microphone.

Step 4: Go to the control panel, find Hardware and Sound, then Sound. Set it as the default by right-clicking on it.

Before you begin the game, make sure your microphone is operational. Follow these steps to see if your mic is working in Windows.

Step 1: Locate the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner of the Windows taskbar, right-click it, and select Sound Settings.

Step 2: In General settings, click on the Allow button, which is to the right of the audio section.

Step 3: In the Test Your Microphone section, press the start button to start testing your microphone.

Solution 2: Set to the default communication device

Step 1: On the Windows taskbar, right-click on the speaker icon and go to sound settings.

Step 2: Go to the sound control panel by tapping on it.

Step 3: Go to the playback section, and you’ll see all of your sound devices.

Step 4: Select your microphone, right-click on it, and click “Default communication device.”

Step 5: Click Apply to save these settings and check if your voice is working now.

This is how you can test if there’s an issue with your microphone and if it’s resolved or not. Now you can start playing your games.

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Solution 3: Update Audio Drivers

We often see outdated or incompatible audio drivers that can lead to problems with voice chat.

I would suggest checking for updates for your audio drivers and installing them to ensure compatibility with COD Warzone.

Solution 4: Reset Router and Modem

Sometimes, I observe a problem with the internet connection.

I would recommend resetting your router and modem can help resolve network-related issues that might affect voice chat in COD Warzone.

Power off both devices, wait for a few minutes, and then power them back on.

Warzone voice chat not working Xbox Series X

There are a large number of players who play COD: Warzone on Xbox. If you own an Xbox, you may be experiencing the COD Warzone voice chat issue.

Here are a few solutions to the “Warzone voice chat not working in Xbox” problem.

Step 1: Open your Xbox and click on the Xbox icon in the top left corner.

Step 2: Make sure the headset microphone option is enabled in the Audio and Music settings.

Step 3: Change the settings to adjust the volume of your microphone’s sound.

Make sure that you’re done with these settings. If you’re still facing this issue, then let’s move on and see how we’re going to fix it by changing in-game settings.

Warzone voice chat not working PS4

Let’s take a look at PS4 settings that can help you solve this issue if it’s related to your PS4 console. Make sure that the following settings are correct on your device so that you can solve the “COD: Warzone Voice Chat Not Working on PS4” issue.

Fix COD Warzone voice chat not working PS4
Fix COD Warzone voice chat not working

Step 1: Go to the home screen by pressing the PlayStation button.

Step 2: Select the Devices option from the settings menu, and find audio devices.

Step 3: Here, make sure that you’re using the right input and output devices.

Step 4: Check your device by tapping on the input device. The same goes for the output device.

COD Warzone voice chat not working pS4
COD Warzone voice chat not working pS4

Select the option “Adjust microphone level” and adjust it correctly so it can work properly.

To check if your microphone is functioning properly, use these settings. The procedures are the same for Warzone on the PS5. Open your settings and go to sounds. Set your input devices in the microphone settings.

If you are still experiencing this problem, let us look at how we can resolve it through in-game settings.

Fix COD Warzone Game voice chat not working

Apply these settings in the COD warzone to fix voice chat issues. After updates, there might be another bug where your voice chat is stuck or not working properly. Follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1: Open the COD warzone and select a menu option or setting.

Step 2: To manage sounds, select the Audio option.

Step 3: Make sure that it shows the right microphone in the Voice Chat Device section.

Step 4: Turn voice chat off and then enable it again. If there’s any bug related to it, that would be fixed.

Sometimes players are not familiar with the “Push to Talk” settings, and this way their mic just goes to work when they press on it while talking. To change this

  • Head to the voice chat recording mode in audio settings. And set it to “Open Mic.”

Apply these settings in your game and we hope that you’ll be able to fix the “COD Warzone voice chat not working” issue.

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The Conclusion

The error message “COD Warzone voice chat is not working” is unpleasant. Voice chat is quite useful while playing a battle royale game with buddies.

The entire game is ruined if it isn’t working. You’ll be able to resolve this issue and resume enjoying your game by referring to our guide


Q1: Is there any fault with my microphone device?

Answer: Check your microphone for functionality by following the steps outlined above. Usually, the issue is related to your game, as other players are also facing it.

Q2: Why is my voice chat still having problems?

Answer: Your game might be affected by a certain bug, or your game is set to “push to talk.” Solve this issue by following our guide above.

Q3: Is this an IS problem with my Xbox?

Answer: It might be, but usually your game is behind this. Make sure to update it when needed and follow our steps to fix the issue.

Q4: How can I update my audio drivers?

You can visit the manufacturer’s website for your audio device or the motherboard to download. Next, install the latest drivers according to your system.

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