How to Fix Crisis core reunion audio not working 2023


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Fix Crises Core Reunion audio not working

Fix Crisis Core reunion audio not working: Crisis Core Reunion is another masterpiece that will let you enjoy another adventurous journey and the dark mystery of Shinra’s deadly secrets.

But unfortunately, players are struggling with the Crisis Core Reunion audio not working issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

There are lots of players around the world who use PC to play Crisis Core Union and as players reported this issue is appearing on PCs.

There could be temporary bugs in your windows that are resisting your audio sound. Let’s dive right into it and see how can you possibly fix Crises Core Reunion audio not working issue.

How to fix Crisis Core Reunion Audio not working steam

Crisis Core Reunion isn’t showing any sign of Audio sound while playing games. But players confirmed that their headset and speakers are working but the game is not showing any audio activity. You would be able to fix this issue after implementing these steps. 

Solution 1: Restart the game

Let’s start with the very basic step. Restarting the game would let the game clear the stored cache and store new memory and that will fix any temporary bugs in your game.

So make sure to quit your game and restart it to see if the issue is appearing. If you still don’t get the sound then implement these other ways.

Solution 2: Repair game files

If you’ve installed the game through Steam then the first thing you have to do is repair game files. This will fix the corrupted and missing files from your game that are making issues with your game. Follow these steps to repair game files in Steam to fix Crisis Core Reunion Audio not working issue.

Step 1: Open your Steam shortcut app and heat to your game Library.

Step 2: Find Crisis Core Reunion, Right-click on it, and select the Properties option.

Step 3: Now open the Local Files tab and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Step 4: Wait for the process to be completed and restart your pc.

Step 5: Open your game and check if you still face the issue.

Step 3: Verify Audio Settings

Check the audio settings in both the game and your system. Ensure that the correct audio output device is selected and the volume levels are appropriately adjusted. Misconfigured settings can prevent sound from playing or cause distorted audio.

Fix Crisis Core Reunion Audio not working on the PC

Solution 1: Set sound rate to 48/44k

Follow these steps to set your sound sample rate to 48/44k.

Step 1: Find and open the control panel in the Windows Search box.

System and Security
System and Security

Step 2: Click on Hardware and Sounds then choose Sound.

Hardware and Sounds
Hardware and Sounds

Step 3: Find the speaker that you are using and Right-click on it

Step 4: Select Properties and go to the Advanced tab.

Step 5: Open the Drop down menu and select 24-bit 48000 Hz.

Speaker Properties
Speaker Properties

Step 6: Tap ok and then Apply to save changes. Restart your PC and check the game.

Solution 2: Disable Nahimic audio driver

Disabling your Nahimic Sound Driver will also help you to solve this issue. Usually, Nahimic Audio drivers are used to enhance your sound quality and provide you best Audiovisuals with a realistic feel, but if Nahimic is interrupting then it could also cause issues too.

Step 1: Search Task Manager in your Windows Search box and open it.

Step 2: Move to the Startup tab and find Nahimic Audio Driver in that list.

Step 3: Disable the Nahimic driver and close the tab. Restart your PC and check the game if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Turn off the spatial sound

Turning off Windows Sonic or Spatial Sound would help you to encounter this problem. Usually, it is also used to enhance your Audio quality but sometimes Spatial Sound becomes the reason for your sound issues. Follow these steps to turn off the spatial sound.

Step 1: Search and Open the Control panel in your Windows Search box.

System Security
System Security

Step 2: Open Hardware and Sounds and then choose Sound.


Step 3: Right-click on the speakers that you’re using and select Properties.

Step 4: Now go to Spatial Sound Tab and set the drop-down menu to off.

How to Fix Crisis core reunion audio not working 2023

Step 5: Click on Apply and then hit the Ok option to save changes. Restart your PC and Check the sound.

Solution 4: Update Audio drivers

In sound problems, Audio Drivers are the first convict because they manage your device’s whole sound. If any Audio Driver is outdated, corrupted, or crashed then you’ll start to get issues related to the Audio sound in your Device. Follow these steps to see how you can update your Audio Drivers on your PC.

Step 1: Right-click on your PC shortcut and select the Device Manager or Manage option to open your device manager.

Device Manager
Device Manager

Step 2: Click on the Arrow near Sound, Video, and Game to open the drop-down menu.

Device Manager
Device Manager

Step 3: Right-click on the driver that is having issues, then select Search Automatically for Drivers.

Step 4: It will automatically update your driver. Make sure to be connected to the Internet.

Automatic Update
Automatic Update

Step 5: Wait for the process to be completed, restart the device, and check the game.

Solution 5: Reinstall the Audio Drivers

If updating the drivers doesn’t solve your issue then you must take a step to uninstall your graphic drivers and install them again. It will fix the corrupted files in the driver and install them from scratch. Follow these ways to reinstall your Audio Drivers.

Step 1: Right-click on your PC and select Device Manager to open it.

Step 2: Click on the Arrow near Sound, Video, and Game to open the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Right-click on the Audio Driver that you want to uninstall and click Uninstall Device to remove this from your device.

Step 4: Restart your PC, and it will automatically install the Missing driver. Make sure to connect your device to the internet. Open your game and see if the issue is fixed.

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The Conclusion

Crises Core Reunion is one of the best adventure games. But unfortunately, players are having issues with Audio sound in this game. This article is all about possible solutions that how can you fix your Audio issues in your Crises Core Reunion just by following these easy steps mentioned above.


Q1: Why is my Crisis Core Reunion audio not working?

Answer: There is a high chance that your Audio Drivers are Outdated or got corrupted. Update or reinstall them to solve this issue.

Q2: How to solve Crisis Core Reunion audio issues?

Answer: Try to update or reinstall your Graphic drivers and it will help to fix this issue.

Q3: Is there any issue with my headset or speakers?

Answer: Many players reported on Reddit that they’re facing Audio sound issues in Crisis Core Reunion but their headset speakers are working. You must also check your headset by plugging it in with another device.

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