How to fix Fortnite can’t add or accept friend requests


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fix Fortnite can't add or accept friend requests

Fix Fortnite can’t add or accept friend requests: Fortnite is one of the best games to enjoy battle royal parties with friends.

But many players have issues with that. Fortnite players can’t add or accept friend requests. The issue is not related to any specific platform.

Players reported that the issue appears in Xbox, PS even in Nintendo Switch. It’s easy to predict that you are having in-game issues.

It’s hard to say that you face any bugs or issues from the server. Having the wrong account privacy settings can also cause this problem.

But you must make sure that you are connected to stable internet and not have any glitches in your game.

Having a bad network connection can also lead to different gaming errors.

Follow our guide to Fix Fortnite can't add or accept friend requests.

Reasons for Fortnite Friend Request Issues

Before we delve into the troubleshooting steps, let’s explore some common reasons why you may be facing difficulties with friend requests in Fortnite:

Privacy Settings: Your privacy settings in Fortnite may be restricting friend requests.

Game or Platform Issues: Technical glitches or bugs in the game or your gaming platform could be causing the problem.

Epic Games Account Verification: If your Epic Games account is not properly verified, friend requests may not function correctly.

Outdated Version: Running an outdated version of Fortnite can lead to compatibility issues, including friend request problems.

Cached Data: Accumulated cache data within the game might interfere with the proper functioning of friend requests.

Fix Fortnite can’t add or accept friend requests

Whenever Players try to accept friend requests or try to add any random friend from Fortnite, they just fail. It might be considered a technical error but other factors can prevent you from making friends on Fortnite.

Just like every online multiplayer game, Fortnite also has a friend list limit. If you exceed that then you might face Fortnite can’t add or accept friend requests issue.

Solution 1: Clear Friend list

Fortnite also has a friend list limit that can cause you this issue while adding any new friends to your list. When your account reaches the 1000 friends limit then you won’t be able to accept any friend requests.

At this time, you need to remove some of your friends to add new ones. Follow this guide to remove friends from the Fortnite friend list.

Step 1: Launch your Fortnite and head over to your lobby.

Step 2: Choose the friends icon on the left upper corner to see your friends.

Step 3: Go to the party up the tab and expand the Epic friends menu.

Step 4: Choose any friend you want to remove and then click on the Unfriend or Block option if you want.

After removing specific friends, you’ll be able to accept friends’ invites until your limit reaches 1000 friends.

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Solution 2: Reject Friend invites

You are not receiving your friend invite because you’ve reached your friend request limit. You can’t have more than 500 friend requests on your account.

The same goes for your friend, if he reached his friend request limit then you just can’t send him a friend invitation.

Decline or reject the requests that are pending to receive friend requests from your buddies. Follow these steps to clear your friend requests.

Step 1: Launch Fortnite and move to your main lobby.

Step 2: Click on the Friends icon located in the upper left corner.

Step 3: Move to the add friends tab expand the Friend Invites drop-down menu and choose the invitation you want to reject.

Step 4: Click on any friend request and choose the Reject option to remove that friend invitation.

Reject friend request
Reject friend request

This is how you can remove your friend requests from Fortnite. But if you have hundreds of invitations and you want to reject or decline them all at once then follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch Fortnite and move to the lobby area.

Step 2: Click on Settings and move to the Account and Privacy tab to manage your friend requests.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom in the right-side settings menu and choose the  Auto Decline friend requests option.

Step 4: Turn On the Auto Decline Friend Request option and it will decline all pending and future friend invitations.

When the friend requests are cleared, you’ll be able to add new friends.

Solution 3: Friend Invite Permission

Still, facing the same issue? You must try this step and set the friend invitation to everyone. If this setting is already set to no one then you won’t be able to add friends on Fortnite. Follow these steps to set your friend Invite permission to everyone.

Step 1: Open your Fortnite and head over to game settings.

Step 2: Move to the Account and Privacy tab and scroll to the bottom of the settings.

Step 3: Choose the Friend Invite Permission setting and set it to Everyone or Friends of Friends if you want. But make sure not to go for No one.

Friend Invite Permission
Friend Invite Permission

Solution 4: Turn on and off parental controls

If you’re still facing the same issue then make sure to follow this step which is officially confirmed from the epic games and many players in Fix Fortnite can’t add or accept friend requests by using this. Follow these steps to do that easily.

Step 1: Launch Fortnite and head over to the game menu.

Step 2: Choose the parental controls option under settings.

parental controls
parental controls

Step 3: Enter your PIN and move to the next page.

Enter your PIN
Enter your PIN

Step 4: Turn on all the options except voice chat and text chat.

Enter your PIN
Turn on all the options

Step 5: Close the settings and perform the same steps again, turning off the same options again in parental controls. Close the settings and see if the issue is fixed.

Fix Fortnite Not Launching On PC Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch

How to add friends in Fortnite (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC)

Fortnite is one of the best battle royal cross-platform games which is available on almost every platform. You might be wondering how can you add your friends who are playing Fortnite on different platforms like PlayStation or on Xbox.

The procedure to add friends in Fortnite is the same on all platforms. You just need to perform some in-game activities and you’ll be able to add friends on Fortnite when from any cross-platform.

Step 1: Launch Fortnite on any platform you have, Press the options button and go to your Friends list.

Step 2: Go to the Add Friends icon and choose Find Player by displaying the name search box to find friends who play Fortnite.

Find player by display name
Find the player by display name

Step 3: Add the display name of your friend whom you want to add, click on your friend profile you find on the search results, and click on Add Friend.

Add friend request
Add friend request

Step 4: Expand the Recent Players drop-down menu and you can also add players that recently played with you.

Recent Players
Recent Players

Step 5: Expand the Suggested Friends drop-down menu to add players who have a mutual connection with you. Click on the profile and select Add Friend option.

Video Tutorial

YOu can watch the video tutorial for fixing Fortnite. You can’t add or accept friend requests.

The Conclusion

Just like every multiplayer game, Fortnite also has friend list limits. You can add 1000 epic friends and receive or send 500 invitations. You need to remove friends if you reach your limits and want to add more.

If you still have issues with this problem, then see our guide above to fix Fortnite. You can’t add or accept friend requests.


Q1: Why can’t I add or accept friend requests on Fortnite?

Answer: You might have reached your friend request limit that’s why you’re not receiving new friend invitations. Reject the pending invitations to see new ones.

Q2: How many friends can we add on Fortnite?

Answer: You can send and receive 500 friend requests and add 1000 friends on Fortnite.

Q3: How to fix Fortnite that can’t add or accept friend requests?

Answer: Make sure to check your friend request limit if you exceed that, that’s why you’re not able to add more friends. Also, set Friend invites permission to everyone to solve this issue.

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