Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working 2024 [ Solved ]


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Fix Fortnite Voice chat not working

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working: Many players are facing the same issue in the Fortnite game. Therefore, you need to worry about that. FIX GAME CHAT AUDIO IN FORTNITE SEASON 4! (Voice Chat Not Working)

In this post, I am not talking about headset problems, drivers, and many more.

If you are reading this article and want to fix this voice chat problem, then follow each step carefully. Here we go can’t hear game chat Fortnite Xbox.

If you want Fortnite game chat working, then you should turn off the Xbox chat party. You know Fortnite Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 coming soon.

Here’s a unique and effective guide to Fixing Fortnite voice chat issues on Xbox, PS4, PS5 Windows, and Nintendo Switch. This guide combines several troubleshooting methods that have worked for many players

For PC users I recommend Keeping your sound card driver updated.

What are the common issues in activating voice chat in Fortnite

  • Connectivity Problems
  • Microphone Detection Failures
  • Voice Chat Not Working Cross-Platform
  • In-Game Audio Balance Issues
  • Party Privacy Settings Blocking Voice Chat
  • Sound Quality Issues

Why is Fortnite Voice Chat not working on Xbox?

Many reasons causing this issue sometimes have a Mic problem and drivers. Moreover, when users start a party on Xbox One, voice chat stops working in Fortnite games because the game and chat work on different channels.

Fix Fortnite Voice chat not working in 2024

I am sharing with you the method that helped me to solve this Fortnite voice chat not working on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 2024. Most players say that Party chats function, but we can’t talk to people in the game.

How do you fix Voice Chat problems?

Solution 1: Fortnite voice chat not working on PS4

You must follow every step and implement your game while reading this article.

Following this article, I will give you a 100% guarantee How do I enable my voice chat on Fortnite? Why can’t my teammates hear me on Fortnite PS4 and Xbox One?

Step 1: To begin with, open Audio Setting in your Fortnite game.

Fortnite audio setting
Fortnite audio setting

Step 2: Voice Chat should be “On,” and the Voice chat method should be “Open Mic.”

Fortnite Voice chat not working
Fix the Fortnite Voice chat not working

Step 3: Voice Channel setting “Party.” Notification should be on.

Step 4: Press “Y” to apply all changes.

Note: You have solved your 50% problem and don’t leave the article; otherwise, it will not work for you.

Step 5: Now Press the Home button of PS4 or Xbox One.

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working 2024 [ Solved ]

Step 6: Click on Start, a party on Xbox One, and again open the Fortnite game start Menu.

start party xbox
start party Xbox

Step 7: Open the Audio setting, turn your voice chat from On to Off, and apply.

voice chat off fortnite
Voice chat off Fortnite

Step 8: Now Open a party and leave the Party.

leave party fortnite
leave party Fortnite

Step 9: Again, come to the Audio setting and turn “Voice chat On”  in Fortnite.

voice chat on fortnite
Voice chat on Fortnite

Step 10: Finally, Your Fortnite game chats working fine on Xbox One and PS4.

Note: Follow the same setting and ensure all settings like voice chat, notification, and voice channel should be on. Do you still have a problem regarding voice chat not working on Fortnite PS4?

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Solution 2: Fix Voice chat not working Fortnite Xbox

You can change DNS Servers if Voice Chat not working on Fortnite Xbox.

Step 1: To begin With, Press the Xbox button on your controller.

Step 2: Go to System tab > Settings > Network > Select Network Settings > Advanced Settings.

Step 3: Select DNS settings, and then select Manual.

Step 4: Enter the following new DNS servers.

Step 5: Primary DNS:

Step 6: Secondary DNS:

Solution 3: The Nintendo Switch Fortnite mic not working

It’s a common issue faced by many users that Mic not working while playing Fortnite. The first thing is you should have a headset with a microphone. Then, in the voice chat section set On, Opening, and Party.

Nintendo switch fortnite mic not working
The Nintendo Switch Fortnite mic not working

Checking Hardware and Connections

Before going into software-related fixes, you must check that your hardware and connections are in optimal condition. Follow these steps:

#1 Check Your Microphone:

Ensure that your microphone is correctly connected to your computer or gaming console. I would suggest verifying that it’s not muted or set to low volume. If using a headset, ensure it’s properly plugged in and functioning correctly.

#2 Confirm Network Stability

A stable network connection is crucial for smooth voice communication in Fortnite. I would recommend using a wired Ethernet connection whenever possible, as it provides a more stable and reliable connection compared to Wi-Fi.

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working 2024 [ Solved ]

Restart your router/modem and perform a speed test to ensure you have enough bandwidth for voice chat.

#3 Update Drivers and Firmware

Please ensure that your audio drivers and firmware are up to date. You can visit the manufacturer’s website for your specific device and download the latest drivers or firmware updates. In this way, you can solve the issues and improve overall performance.

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Video Tutorial

Check our video tutorial to solve the voice char problem in Fortnite on PS4. I see many people facing problems just because of game updates. When new updates come then some problems are solved and some occur.

Restart game

If you are not able to solve your problem, restart your game sometimes files in the Fortnite game are not working correctly. When you play any game, then the issue can come from the server side. 

Therefore, when you restart your game, the game fetches the resource from the server again, and you might not face any problems.

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Check Server Status

Sometimes, the Server is down for maintenance and people are not able to play Fortnite games, Hence, Fortnite voice chat not working properly. You can check the Fortnite server whether services are working or not from the Staus page.

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working 2024 [ Solved ]

Unplug Your Mic

Fortnite Voice chat is not working, and it could be your mic has some issue. Sometimes Jack is not connected to Xbox or PS4. 

In this case, unplug the mic from the console and restart the game again. After the restart, of the game, connect the mic to your console. 

Window Updates

If you are playing Fortnite on Windows 10 then make sure you need to update your Windows 10 from here. Voice chat fully working and needs a window fully updated. However, you may face voice chat problems in the Fortnite game.

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You can follow the same methods for voice chat not working Fortnite switch.

Fix Fortnite Party Channel Greyed Out: Troubleshooting Steps

If you are facing the frustrating issue of your Fortnite Party channel being greyed out, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve it.

  • Firstly, make sure you have the latest version of Fortnite installed, as outdated versions can cause compatibility issues.
  • Check your privacy settings to ensure they allow access to the Party feature.
  • Verify your network connection, as an unstable connection can interfere with Party functionality.
  • Clearing the cache and reinstalling the game can also help resolve the issue.
  • Lastly, check for any parental controls that may be restricting Party access.

If all else fails, contacting Epic Games support can provide further assistance.

Why is the Fortnite party channel grayed out?

The Fortnite party channel can appear grayed out due to network connectivity issues, server problems, cross-platform incompatibility, or running an outdated game version.

Fix Fortnite voice chat not working on PS5

You can follow the below methods for fixing the Fortnite voice chat not working on PS5.

  • Check headset compatibility.
  • Adjust in-game audio settings.
  • Verify voice chat permissions in PS5 and Fortnite settings.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Consider port forwarding for better connectivity.
  • Update Fortnite and PS5 software.
  • Reinstall Fortnite if necessary.

Remember to follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with Fortnite voice chat on your PS5.

Fortnite cross-platform voice chat not working

You may be on the incorrect channel because Fortnite has only two channels to use Party Channel and Game Channel. Therefore, your game Fortnite can’t hear teammates on Xbox, PS4, and PS5.

How do I enable voice chat on Fortnite parental controls?

  • Launch Fortnite and navigate to the main menu.
  • In the top right corner, click on the three horizontal lines to open the menu.
  • Select the “Settings” option from the menu.
  • Within the settings menu, choose the “Parental Controls” tab.
  • If prompted, enter your parental control PIN or password.
  • Scroll down to find the “Voice Chat” option.
  • Make sure the Voice Chat option is set to either “Friends Only,” “Friends and Teammates,” or “Everybody.”
  • Avoid selecting the “Nobody” option, as it will disable voice chat entirely.
Fix Fortnite Voice Chat not working 2024 [ Solved ]

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How do unlock voice chat on Fortnite parental controls?


Question 1: Why is my voice chat not working in Fortnite Nintendo Switch?

Answer: You need to set Under “Restriction Level“, Communication With Others should be Not Restricted for voice chat to work in Fortnite. If not, Fortnite settings will not allow you to turn voice chat “On“.

Question 2: How to switch to Fortnite party voice chat from Xbox live chat?

Answer: Go to the Social menu -> Click on Party channel -> Under Voice Options default channel should be Party. Enabling these options helps to switch Fortnite voice chat from Xbox live chat.

Question 3: Fortnite can’t hear teammate’s Xbox

Answer: Please be clear that Your voice chat is set to Friends Only, Friends, and Teammates.

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I hope you like this article and fix the Fortnite Voice chat not working. I explained that three methods help to chat work again in Fortnite. For more Gaming news, guides, and reviews visit

Many people solved this issue using our guides. Follow the same steps if you are not solving the issue.

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