How to fix Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location


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Fix Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location

Fix Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location: Genshin Impact is one of the best adventure open-world games that is becoming so well-known all over the world.

But players aren’t able to play it because of a sudden error Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location. Whenever Players try to play it, a message shows this error with a black background.

Players who are using GeForce NOW to play Genshin Impact are facing this problem. GeForce Now lets you play your best games by using their cloud gaming services.

Players reported that they face this issue because they are playing games by using a particular VPN.

That’s why GeForce NOW is resisting them playing.  But that’s not the case overall. There are also players who face the same issue but they aren’t using any VPN.

GeForce Now doesn’t require any specific system requirements to run these games.

But still, there are a few things you need to care about, like internet requirements. If your internet doesn’t meet GeForce NOW minimum requirements then you might be stuck with this issue.

Fix Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location.

This issue is also considered a service issue from the client side. As players are restricted to join the game just because of their current location or the location they’re using to play Genshin Impact.

Whatever the case is, we’ve gathered useful ways that are useful to fix this issue and worked for many players. Make sure to implement the steps to fix Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location.

Solution 1: Check your network compatibility

There isn’t any specific system requirement mentioned by GeForce NOW, but they did mention Network Requirements. As the game streams directly from Nvidia cloud data centers on your devices so it may need a good network connection.

Follow this Speed test and check your internet connection in Mbps and see if it fulfills the requirements. Consider these Network minimum requirements mentioned by GeForce NOW.

  • Requires 15 Mbps speed to play 720p resolution with 60 fps.
  • Requires 25 Mbps speed to play 1080p resolution with 60 fps.

If your network doesn’t meet these requirements, make sure to set up your internet connection first then try to play your game and see if the issue is occurring.

Solution 2: Choose a right VPN

This issue is a real pain for those who use VPN to Play Genshin impact on GeForce NOW. Many players reported that just because of using a specific VPN, GeForce NOW is restricting players from playing the game. But that’s not the case for all the players.

Using the right VPN can also solve your issue. If you’re using a third-party VPN then you must move to the recommended VPNs.

  • Nord VPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • Cyberghost VPN

Make sure to use these VPNs while playing games on GeForce NOW to quit this error. If you’re having ping issues then you might just use VPN to connect to the game. Disconnect the VPN when you successfully enter the game. This won’t cause any issues with your ping or network.

Solution 3: Choose a right Server

We have studied and found that the players who are using the Europe Northeast server to play the game are really affected by the issue. Switching to another server might help you to get rid of this issue. Follow these steps to change your server location.

Make sure to update your Nvidia GeForce NOW to the latest version then try these steps to switch your server locations.

Step 1: Open your GeForce NOW main screen and click on three lines at the right upper corner to open the menu.

GeForce NOW
GeForce NOW

Step 2: Click on settings, and see the tab on the right corner with the server location.

Step 3: Click on a little arrow in front of your server location to choose any server.

your server location
your server location

Step 4: Choose any server except the problematic one ( Eur Northeast) and close the settings.

Step 5: It’s better to restart your GeForce NOW and check the game if the issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Reinstall the GeForce NOW

 If any of these steps aren’t working for you then Remove GeForce NOW and install it again. This worked for a lot of players who faced this issue. Follow these ways to install it again.

Uninstall GeForce NOW

Step 1:  Go to your windows settings and open apps. Preview your apps list and choose GeForce NOW.

Step 2: Right-click on it and select uninstall to remove it from your device.

Install GeForce NOW

Step 1: Follow this link, which will take you to the official Nvidia website. Click on download from the main Menu.

Geforce download
Geforce download

Step 2: Choose your operating system and Click on the download option under that.


Step 3: When the download is complete, open and install the setup file and log in to your account.

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Note: if it shows that ” GeForce NOW is currently not supported in your region” then connect a VPN then try to download, it’ll work for sure.

Check regional availability:

Confirm whether Genshin Impact is officially supported in your specific region. The game may have limited availability due to regional licensing restrictions or regulations.

Check the official Genshin Impact website or check with customer support for information on supported regions.

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The Conclusion

Players facing Genshin Impact are not currently supported in your location which is caused by the restricted location from GeForce NOW. Because players are using third-party inappropriate VPNs. Use the right VPN and switch to another server to solve this issue.

Q1: What’s the “Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location” error?

Answer: It means the location you’re using is not supported by the servers. Change your VPN or switch to another server to solve this issue.

Q2: What’s the best VPN for GeForce NOW?

Answer: Try to use NordVPN or Surfshark VPN, which would be best for your cloud gaming.

Q3: How to fix the “Genshin Impact is not currently supported in your location” issue?

Answer: Use the right Trusted VPN and switch your GeForce NOW servers to solve this issue.

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