How to Fix High On Life Not Launching on Pc and Steam 2023


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Fix High On Life Not Launching

Players are feeling frustrated after High On Life Not Launching. This game has recently received positive reviews and high global attention. But some of the players just want to find ways to fix the crashing issue and continue playing the game.

High on Life is a first-person shooter game that mixes comedic taste with fast-paced shooting. Even if it’s perfect, it’s useless unless you can open it and begin your adventure journey.

The game was developed by Justin Roiland and published by Squanch Games. This game combines shooting action with elements of futuristic science fiction gameplay and Metroidvania.

In this game, you will see the comedian in action and meet the aliens who are about to haunt the human world and use the human population for their gain. Grab your Gatlings (weapons) and go after those bounty hunters. Let’s dig in and see how can we fix the High on life crashing issue.

High on Life not Launching or Crashing Reasons

There’s nothing new or specific. The game would be affected by a few common issues in your system. Windows is the only platform that offers a lot of resistance in gaming.

As the Windows operating system is not just for gaming, there are a lot of factors that can spoil your gaming experience. like an outdated Windows version, antivirus restrictions, Microsoft Visual C++ issues, and much more. But here we have listed the top ways that would help you fix the “High on Life not launching” issue.

How to Fix High On Life Not Launching On PC or Windows 10/11

Before you start to implement these steps, please make sure that your device is compatible with High on Life’s minimum requirements. You can simply search on Google for its minimum requirements, which will give you all the information.

If your device doesn’t meet its minimum requirements, unfortunately, you must upgrade it first.

Solution 1: Run the game as an administrator

Run your High on Life as an administrator so that it can handle restrictions because it has access to the system files and registry. This way, half of your problems will be fixed. Follow these steps to do that:

Step 1: Head to your EXE shortcut file and right-click on it.

Step 2: Open the properties menu and click on the compatibility option.

Step 3: Check the “Run this program as an administrator” box.

Step 4: Tap on “apply” and open the game to see if your issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Update to the latest version

If you’re having problems with your program or system, you should update the system or any of its components to the most latest versions. The most recent update adds new functionality and fixes bugs in your game. Therefore, be sure to finish these upgrades.

Solution 3: Update DirectX

Update your current DirectX to the latest version to fix the “ High on life not launching issue”

  • Follow the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared\_CommonRedist\DirectX and Run DXSETUP.EXE
  • This will install your DirectX to the latest version.
  • Check your game after a reboot to see if it works.

Solution 4: Update Graphic Drivers

Update driver
Update driver

Graphics drivers are the main thing to notice if your game is crashing. Any bug in a graphic driver can be fixed by updating it to the latest version. To do that:

Device manager
Device manager
  • Right-click on your My Computer shortcut.
  • Choose the “manage devices” or “device manager” option.
  • Here you’ll see the list of drivers. Click on the “Arrow” option with Display Adapters to preview all your drivers.
  • Right-Click on your driver to update it. It will be updated and installed automatically.
  • Now restart your device and see if the problem is solved.

Solution 5: Update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

To update Microsoft Visual C+, you need to head to its file location. Follow this path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared\_CommonRedist\vcredist

Make sure to run all these executable files.

  • 2012\vc_redist.x64.exe
  • 2013\vc_redist.x64.exe
  • 2019\vc_redist.x64.exe

If you’re done with that, then restart your PC.

Solution 6: Install all windows updates

install all window updates
install all window update

The most crucial action is to do this. Update all the windows updates that are still pending. That would fix all of the bugs and issues with your windows. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Open Windows settings and head to Update and Security.
  • Click the “Check for Updates” button in the upper right corner of the Windows Update section.
  • This will update your Windows to the most recent version.

Solution 7: Reset or Reinstall the Game

If any of those steps aren’t solving your issue, the problem must be with your game. This is the most effective solution to your problem. To do that, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Quick Link menu just by pressing the Windows + X short keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Head to the “Apps and Features” option and choose the game that is having an issue. Now click on “advanced options” and choose “reset.”

To reinstall the game:

Step 1: Open your Steam client and go to the library to choose your game.

Step 2: Now right-click on your game and select “manage,” then tap the “uninstall” option to uninstall it.

Now restart your computer and install the game again. Check out the game to see if it works from high on life not launching.

Fix High On Life Not Launching On Steam

Solution 1: Verify the integrity of Game files

If there’s something wrong with your game or its file is corrupted, then you just have to verify the integrity of the game files. and that would fix your crashing issues.

Step 1: Open your Steam application and head to the library.

Step 2: Find the game that is having issues and right-click on it. Then go to properties.

Step 3: Go to local files and click “Verify the integrity of game files.” It will take time, so just wait for it.

Step 4: When it’s done, restart your computer and launch the game.

Solution 2: Disable background running overlay apps

Removing your background-running apps would be a good step to get rid of this problem. Many players fixed this issue just by disabling the Steam overlay application.

If applications are running in the background at the same time you’re playing, then that would cause crashing issues.

Step 1: Open your Steam Client application and tap on “Library.”

Step 2: Right-click on the “High on Life” icon and select the property option.

Step 3: Make sure to choose the “General” option and uncheck the “Steam” overlay box.

Step 4: Head back to the library and see if the game is working.

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The Conclusion

Here is the full guide on how you can easily solve High on life not launching game problems. Just follow the steps that we have outlined above and let us know if the problem has been solved in the comment section. We love to hear about that.

I Hope you ix High On Life Not Launching on Pc and Steam.

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