How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons can’t install


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Fix Minecraft Dungeons can't install

Fix Minecraft Dungeons can’t install: Minecraft Dungeons launched all over the world on various platforms such as Xbox, Windows, and Ps4. When users try to download from the window, they are getting the error code: 0x80073CF3.

I know it’s a very awkward situation for individuals who purchased the game but have not installed it. Some have issues with Minecraft Dungeons failing to install the game in the Minecraft launcher.

I will guide you on how to fix Minecraft Dungeons can’t install on Windows. However, everyone has a different issue regarding this Minecraft Dungeons like Minecraft Dungeons unable to verify ownership

Why can’t you install Minecraft Dungeons?

The most common issue system is not meeting the requirements to install the game. Moreover, Windows 10 is not updated, and there has a pending update of Windows 10.

When users try to install the game, they got errors either not meeting specifications or the window is up to date.

How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons can’t install

Here I am going to explain the different fixes according to the problems. Make sure to follow those fixes where you are getting an issue.

Fix 1: Reset the Microsoft Store app.

If you cannot download Minecraft Dungeons, then it might be your Microsoft store has some issues. Therefore, Reset your Microsoft store in your Windows. Here are some steps which are helping to reset the store.

Step 1: First of all, search apps and features in the search box.,

Step 2: Click on Apps and Features.

apps and features
apps and features

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Microsoft Store.” then click on “Advanced options.”

microsoft store advanced options
Microsoft Store advanced options

Step 4: At the bottom, you will find the Reset option.

reset microsoft store
reset Microsoft store

I hope after resetting your Microsoft store; it will run without facing any errors. You will be able to download Minecraft Dungeons.

Fix 2: Check Windows Update

Sometimes Windows has bugs, and Microsoft solves the issue. However, Users ignore the window update, and it could be any reason. Therefore, the new, sometimes window functionality does not work correctly and causes some issues.

I recommended, that please check the Windows update on your device.

Step 1: To begin with, Go to the Start button.

Step 2:  Press “Setting.”

Step 3:  Find the option Update & Security,” then click on that.

update and security
update and security

Step 4: Click on Check for Update.

check window update
check window update

Step 5: Update the window and try Microsoft Store again.

After Implementation, these are all steps, if the issue persists, then contact Microsoft customer support.

Fix 3: Update Drivers

You should up to date drivers on your PC. Otherwise, your PC will not work properly. Therefore, you cannot install Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10.

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Last Words

I hope you have Fix Minecraft Dungeons can’t install on Windows 10. If you still face any problems, then comment below. Follow Our Telegram channel for the Latest Updates.

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