How To Fix Minecraft error code ghast ( Pocket Edition ) PS4


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Fix Minecraft error code ghast

Hello Guys! I know many people face Minecraft error code ghast in Pocket Edition. Well. It’s easy to solve the Minecraft error code Ghast PS4 issue.

You cannot Sign in to your Microsoft account. Moreover, Your marketplace items and Reals will be limited. Let’s follow the steps one by one.

What is Error Code Ghast?

Error Code Cast Means Conflicting credentials cache. Users are not able to log in with their Microsoft accounts.

Fix Error Code Ghast In Minecraft PE

Here, I am going to provide different solutions to fix Minecraft Error Code Ghast PS4.

Solution 1: For Windows and Xbox Users.

First of all, Log out from your Xbox Live account, then Log In Again.

sign in Xbox Live
sign in to Xbox Live

Solution 2: For Mobile Users

Step 1: First of all, Go to settings, then tap on Application.

Step 2: Search MCPE ( Minecraft Pocker Edition ) and click on app Info.

minecraft app info
Minecraft app info

Step 3: Click on Storage. You will see clear data and a clear cache.

Clear data and cache Minecraft
Clear data and cache Minecraft

Step 4: First try to clear the cache, then try to open Minecraft

Note: If the issue still persists then you have to Clear the data on the Minecraft app. Moreover, Please Backup your Data otherwise you will lose your all progress.

Step 5: Finally your Minecraft will start working and you have to log in with your Microsft account. You will not encounter any Minecraft error code ghast.

minecraft working
Minecraft working

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft 

After the Minecraft update, 1.17 many users are encountering a ghast error. If the above 2 methods or solutions not working for you then you need to Uninstall and reinstall the game. Just delete the Minecraft app and again install it from PlayStore or the App Store.

Solution 4: Contact Mojang Support

You can raise the concern to Mojang support and get the same update on a similar issue. You can attach a screenshot of your issue.

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Last Words:

I hope you Fix the Minecraft error code ghast using our solutions. If you still have any queries you can comment below. People solved the issue of Minecraft error code ghast using our effective guide.

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