How to Fix Modern Warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working 2024


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Fix Modern warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working

Fix Modern Warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working: Many Players complain about the issue when they are trying to play multiplayer split Screens on COD Modern Warfare, and then it crashes every time. 

I just read about many people’s queries like the Xbox One Modern Warfare split screen not working and the Modern Warfare split screen not showing up.

The split-screen mode in the game allows a player to enjoy the game side by side with their friends which enhances the game experience.

However, many players have been reporting on various forums about the Modern Warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working.

People are facing problems with Xbox and PS4. It’s working fine on Xbox, but when I update season 5, then it lagged.

In our recent article, we just fix Modern Warfare 2 stuck on press A to start the Xbox

My friend also had the same issue why can’t I play split screen on modern warfare multiplayer after the Pacific update?

In this article, I will help you Fix Modern warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working. You will find many articles on the Internet but many of them will not work for you.

Common Issues

Before we troubleshooting steps, let’s take a look at some of the common issues that players may encounter with split-screen multiplayer in Modern Warfare:

  • Split screen not appearing or not available.
  • Lag issues during split-screen gameplay.
  • Audio or visual glitches while playing in split screen mode.
  • Inability to join a split-screen game.

Fix Modern warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working

Here, I provide some solutions to Fix Modern warfare Split Screen multiplayer not working.

First of all, you should check whether there is an active issue with Activision support. Moreover, this page contains a running list of problems that have been identified or reported in Call of Duty. I am also facing the same problem On the Xbox Console.

We also Fix dev error 6039 modern warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Many people are facing this issue as well.

Solution 1: clearing the cache

In most cases, Playing multi-time warzones stores different types of cache memory. Therefore, you need to clear the cache memory of your Console.

Step 1: Turn off your Xbox One.

Step 2:  Unplug the power brick from the back of your Console meanwhile the indicator lights on the front of the Xbox One.

Step 3: You need to wait for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Plug the power brick back into your Xbox One and turn it on.

Solution 2: Reset the Console.

This solution might work for some users, I am not 100% sure, but you can try this step. Make sure to reset the console to factory defaults which will help you not to lose any data.

Note: Before Resetting the Console you should know your email ID and password.

Go to Settings> System> Console Info> Reset Console. 

Following the above steps help to solve the cod MW split screen not working in 2024.

Solution 3: Clear your Console’s MAC Address.

Sometimes. The Internet is not working or not getting a proper signal. Therefore, Modern warfare Split Screen multiplayer is not working. In this case, you should restart the internet device.

Network Settings> Advanced Settings> MAC Address and Clear.

Solution 4: Reinstall the game.

If nothing works with the above-mentioned solution, then you should try to reinstall COD Modern Warfare. This way could help to solve split screen modern warfare multiplayer 2024.

Adjust Display Settings

First of all, verify that the display settings on your console are configured correctly for split-screen gameplay.

Now, check the aspect ratio, screen resolution, and other display options to ensure they are optimized for split screens.

Adjusting these settings may improve performance and visual quality during multiplayer sessions.

How To Enable Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) MultiPlayer Split Screen

Many people having the issue mw2 split screen not working.

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Last Words:

I hope you Fix the Modern Warfare Split Screen multiplayer that is not working. If you still have any queries then comment below.

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