Fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003 on Windows 11


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Fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003

Fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003: Playing is far away when you cannot launch the game and struggle with the Valorant VAN9003 error.

Whenever players are intended to open the game, a prompt pops up with the text “This build of Vanguard is out of compliance with current system settings”. At this point, you need to figure out the problem and take steps to fix it.

You might be wondering why you’re facing this error. A lot of players from all over the world have reported this error.

VAN9003 is an error which is caused by your System Bios and Secure boot. When Secure boot is disabled in your device then your window might resist the programs to run.

Secure boot enhances the trust and safety that lets your Windows run applications. For some reason, if your Secure boot is turned off, and Bios isn’t set to UEFI mode, you’ll likely face errors like VAN9003.

Common Causes of Error Code VAN9003

Various factors cause VAN9003. Here are some of the common causes of Error Code VAN9003 include:

Internet connectivity issues: There is poor or unstable internet connection can prevent Valorant from establishing a stable connection with the game servers.

VPN and proxy interference: If you are using a VPN or proxy service, it may interfere with the connection to Valorant servers and trigger the error.

Outdated software: Sometimes, running outdated versions of both Windows and Valorant can lead to compatibility issues and cause Error Code VAN9003.

DNS and IP address conflicts: In many cases, a corrupted DNS cache or an invalid IP address can disrupt the connection to Valorant servers.

Firewall and antivirus restrictions: Overly strict firewall or antivirus settings can block the necessary network connections required by Valorant.

Corrupted game files: If certain game files are corrupted or missing, Valorant may fail to launch and display Error Code VAN9003.

Installation issues: A faulty installation of the Valorant can also lead to connection problems and lead to errors.

Server-side issues: Server-side errors may not be on your end. In such cases, you can wait for the developers to resolve the issue.

Now that we have an understanding of the common causes, we will explore the solutions to fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003 on Windows 11.

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Fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003 Windows 11 | This build of Vanguard is out of compliance

VAN9003 issue means that your system Secure boot is disabled or turned off. This error could be solved just by applying a few simple steps. Let’s first start with some basic steps and see if the issue got resolved.

Solution 1: Run Valorant in Compatibility mode

Running your Valorant in compatibility mode will help you solve this issue. Usually, compatibility mode is used to emulate old programs and run in the current version of Windows. Using this method with Valorant might fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003.

Step 1: Right-click on your Valorant desktop shortcut icon and then select properties.


Step 2: Select the Compatibility tab from above and it will open settings.

Step 3: Check the box Run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows 8 in the following box


Step 4: Click OK and run the game to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Clear the TPM

TPM (Trusted platform module) is the second important factor after secure boot that can cause you this error. It provides hardware-based security functions. Having errors in TPM might cause you errors like VAN9003. Follow these methods to clear TPM to resolve this Fix Valorant Error Code VAN9003.

Step 1: Press the Windows + R buttons located on your keyboard to open the Run Command box.

WIndows 11
Windows 11

Step 2: Type tpm. msc in Run and then hit the Enter key to process the command.


Step 3: In TPM settings, Click on the Clear TPM option on the right side menu and click the Restart Now button.

Step 4: After the restart, Open the game and see if the issue is fixed.

Solution 3: Update your Windows

Updating Windows will help you to restore missing and corrupted files and also reset your TPM and Secure boot. If there are any pending updates then try to update them. You can see many updates available every week for Windows 11.

Step 1: Click on the Windows icon and then select settings.

Step 2: Click on Update and Recovery or Windows update.

Step 3:  Click check for updates and then install all the pending updates.

Step 4: Restart your PC to complete the update process and check the game.

Solution 4: Turn on Secure Boot in your Device

This is the most crucial and last step that can help you get through this error. Secure boot is the most important factor in this error. First, you need to check whether your secure boot is turned on or off. If it’s off then we’ll take our steps to enable it.

Check Secure boot

Step 1: Open the Windows Search box, type System Information, and hit the Enter key.

System Information
System Information

Step 2: In the System Information tab, Scroll down and look for the secure boot state.

Secure boot
Secure boot

Step 3: If the Secure boot is off, then it’ll show Unsupported and if it’s on then it’ll show On next to the Secure boot state option.

If the Secure boot state is Unsupported in your device then you need to head to the Bios menu of your system and then turn it on. The Bios menu interface and keys are different on every device.

Usually, the F1 to F12 keys located on your keyboard are used to enter the Bios menu. Interface and the bios keys are different in different devices but the method is more likely the same. Find the Bios key according to your device and follow these ways to turn on your Secure boot.

For Bios Settings

Step 1: Restart your device and keep pressing the Bios key to enter the Bios Menu.

Step 2: After entering the Bios menu, Find the Boot or Security option. These tabs are different on different devices so make sure to identify your device tab which includes Bios configurations.

Step 3: Look for the Secure boot option, If you don’t find the Secure boot option then make sure to disable the CSM Support option then it’ll unlock the Secure boot option in your PC.


Step 4: Even if you find Secure Boot, Enable it and make sure to Save and exit the settings. 

Secure Boot Enabled
Secure Boot Enabled

Step 5: Start your device and see if the issue is resolved in the game.

The Conclusion

VAN9003 is all about Secure boot which is disabled in your device and causing you this error. To solve this error make sure to identify your Device Bios Menu settings and Keys and head over there.

Turning on Secure Boot will fix your issue. Update your windows to the latest version and Run your valiant in Compatibility mode. If any of these steps don’t work then you should go for a factory reset.

Additional Tip!

I would say Update your Windows 11, enable secure boot, and turn on the TPM from the Bios.


Q1: What is the VAN9003 error?

Answer: This Error confirms that your device isn’t booting securely as Secure boot is disabled from your Bios.

Q2: How to Turn on Secure Boot?

Answer: Head to your Bios menu, In the Boot or security tab, find CSM Support. Make sure to turn off CSM Support turn on Secure Boot and start your device.

Q3: Why do we face VAN9003 Error?

Answer: If Secure boot got disabled from the Bios menu of your system then there are higher chances you won’t be able to launch Valorant and face VAN9003.

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