How to Fix Valorant High Ping issues [ 100% Working ] 2024


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Fix Valorant High Ping issues

Are you experiencing a high-ping problem in the Valorant game? As a consequence, your game has been lagging while playing. If yes, then I will guide you on how to fix Valorant High Ping issues.

First of all, you are not alone in facing this issue. Many users are facing and report this problem to Riot.

Riot server is not available for every country, and mostly South Asian countries Users are facing this issue.

Why Valorant Has High Ping?

It mainly depends on your internet connection and how much uploading speed you are getting. We often have seen when people use a Wi-Fi connection, bandwidth split to many users also causes a high spike. Here are the main factors of a high peak.

  • Location
  • Internet Provider
  • Riot Server down
  • background applications on PC
  • Covid-19
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Fix Valorant High Ping issues 

I am going to share some useful methods to sort out this issue. You can try every technique which I mentioned below. Here are the new methods.

Change IPS

I know it’s strange for you to change your internet service provider. However, the truth is you cannot play games on low bandwidth. 

Check internet speed
Check internet speed

Now you have two options either you can change IPS or upgrade the plan. But, first of all, check your internet speed on other games. 

If you are getting low internet speed after paying a lot of money, then surely change Internet providers.

Limit The Users On Wi-Fi

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection for playing games, you should not share it with other users. As a result, You will get a high-speed internet, and you might not get a high ping issue.

Check Riot Server Status

Sometimes Riot server is down for maintenance might cause a high ping problem. Whenever you face a high ping issue, then check the Riot server status.

check valorant server status
check valorant server status

We often saw Valorant being free to play the game and due to Covid-19 more load on the game. 

Remove Temporary Files

Many files on the computer which are not necessary are running in the background. These files are taking consuming RAM. Hence, when users play the Valorant game then they don’t get a proper connection. Therefore, you should delete these files.

Step 1: Search Run on your PC.

Step 2: Type %temp% and on.

How to Fix Valorant High Ping issues [ 100% Working ] 2024

Step 3: Select all files and click on Delete.

Choose the Right Server Region

Valorant offers multiple server regions to cater to players from different geographical locations. You know that selecting the appropriate server region can improve your ping by connecting you to a server closer to your physical location. Experiment with different server regions to find the one that provides the lowest ping for you.

Set High Priority to Valorant 

First of all, stop all the background processes on your PC. Sometimes in the background windows automatically updates and Microsoft apps take the internet speed. 

Therefore, when you play Valorant, then you may experience lag.

How to set valorant to high priority?

Just follow the below steps to Give Valorant High priority via task manager.

Step 1: Open Task Manager and press Ctrl+Shift and Esc.

Step 2:  Go to Detail on the task manager.

set high priority on Task manager
set high priority on the Task manager

Step 3: Select Your Valorant game and press right-click.

Step 4: Set Priority “High”.

Valorant Server Not Available For Your Country

Players in South Asia Will face problems while playing Valorant because the original server is not available. 

Specially Indian Users are facing high ping issues because they have to connect to other servers.

Riot Games had announced that the game would not be available in these regions.

However, at the end, of the year, the Original server is available for Indian users, which will help to reduce the high ping problem.

Therefore, Indian users and other countries have to use South Asian servers until they are available.

Last Words

I hope you have Fixed the Valorant High Ping issues on your PC. I explained the reason and solution for a high peak. If you still have any queries regarding the high ping issue then comment below.

People solved the high ping issue that usually occurred in some countries.

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