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fix Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing

Fix Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing: Civilizations 6 is a strategic and adventurous-based game that lets the player grow their kingdom and make their way to become a world power.

The player enjoys this game with war experiences by leading their troops, attacking, and defending their kingdom.

In this article, we covered How to stop Civ 6 from crashing Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

Computer opponents and the real player would resist your way to break through you and dominate your city. In this journey, the player upgrades his buildings and troops to make them stronger and searches for and finds more cities.

Defending your civilization and upgrading it to the next level must be your priority in this game.

There are a lot of gaming platforms where you can enjoy your Civilizations 6 and play without any problem.

Most of the players choose Xbox Series X to play Civilizations 6 for a better experience. Xbox Series X could be perfect for playing high-quality games because it is the ninth generation console of video games.

Xbox series X comes with a high display resolution of up to 8K, ultra-realistic Graphics, and high frame rates that make gameplay smoother. But still, players all over the world are reporting problems while playing Civilization 6 on the Xbox series 6.

The Game keeps crashing with every turn they have in Civilization 6. This makes the game much more frustrating to play.

There could be several reasons behind Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing but I suspect there’s something wrong with your Xbox Series X because players face crashing problems during other games too.

There might be a few problems in Civilizations 6 that need to be optimized.

Why does Civ 6 keep crashing Xbox Series X?

There could be a lot of reasons why your game is having this frustrating issue but a few specific reasons are really common that every Civilization 6 player has.

Sometimes things got messy from the console and sometimes this thing goes the same for your game. You should be aware of your game status and how things are going exactly.

Corrupted Files

Sometimes the files inside the games get corrupted and when you start playing a game there’s a maximum Chance that your game will cause you trouble and crash. A few games that Haven’t received updates for a long time could cause this trouble.

This crash might be temporary and won’t take that long to be fixed but sometimes these corrupted files fully crash the game so that it won’t be played again.

High Frame Rates

If your console contains bugs and glitches then putting your game to high settings will cause you crashing of the game. Sometimes to enjoy ultra graphics and high frame rates we put our game into high settings that might prevent our game from crashing issues.

Software glitch

Software glitch is one of the common issues that prevent your game from being smoother.

Sometimes this glitch stays temporary and a simple reboot is enough to solve this issue and sometimes you have to go a little far to solve this problem. These glitches will hurt several games that will disturb you while playing.

fix Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing Xbox One | Series S|X 2024

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing a temporary or a critical error. Still, there are a lot of simplest ways to fix the Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing.

You have to take a few steps and optimize your game and Xbox Series X to go beyond this problem.

Here, I provide the 5 solutions to fix this crashing issue.

Solution 1: Change settings

If you got corrupted files in your game then you better update it. But the worst thing is that if you are not having the latest updates.

At this point, try to implement these settings in your game that will help you to play your game without crashing, and in this way, you’ll have your time until an update appears.

  • Open Civilization 6 and select single-player mode.
  • Now choose the “create game” option and you’ll find yourself in the next menu.
  • Choose the ruleset to standard rules.
  • Stay on the prince option in difficulty settings.
  • Choose the continental type of maps with Tiny sizes that will boost your game a bit.
Change setting civ 6
Change setting civ 6

If your console has glitches then running your game at low settings will possibly let you play without crashing the game. This way you can enjoy your game until you’re able to update it and solve your issue completely.

Solution 2: Reinstall the affected game

Sometimes error doesn’t get that critical so you need to make sure that you can fix this just by following the default and basic steps.

After rebooting, this is the most effective step that exactly works for sure. Sometimes playing the game over and over again could affect some game files as corrupt.

It exactly means that the game version is completely OK! But the game you’re currently playing is affected.

So installing it again could solve your problem. Follow these steps to uninstall the problematic game.

  • Hit the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide overview.
  • Now choose the “My apps and games” option.
  • Now choose the “ see all ” option to view all of your apps.
  • Select Games to look for your problematic game.
  • Now select your game and hit the menu button. Tap Uninstall to vanish it.
un install civ 6
uninstall civ 6

Solution 3: Remove locally saved games

Still getting crashing issues then try this trick which successfully solves these issues for many gamers. It’s a troubleshooting way to clear your locally saved data of games that you have played or played so far.

The problem might be in these files that are interrupting you from playing Civilization 6 and other games so removing this data would be helpful. Follow these to make it happen quickly.

  • Hit the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide overview.
  • Select the system option and go ahead with settings.
  • Go for the System option and select Storage.
  • Here’s the option that you’re looking for. Choose Clear local saved games and confirm it to remove this data.

After implementing these tricks you’ll be able to solve your problem easily. Open your game to start playing it and see if it works.

Remove locally saved  Civ 6
Remove locally saved Civ 6

Solution 4: Factory Reset

If none of the tricks are working to solve this problem and you’re still getting this error then go for factory reset which is the most effective trick to solve your game crashing issues so far.

Before this, update your Xbox to the latest version which will fix every software issue that you’re facing.

If you haven’t received any updates so far then you should consider the factory reset option to get away from this problem.

Having critical bugs and glitches in software would be possibly fixed by putting your Xbox in a reset factory trail.

It will erase all the data including profile data. At this point, you must back up your game data in Xbox Live Cloud to save your gaming journey.

  • Press the Xbox button to view the guide menu.
  • Now choose “profile & system” and select settings and system options to view the Consoles info icon.
  • After hitting Consoles info you’ll see the Reset Console option to make it happen.
reset Xbox
reset Xbox

All the data will be removed like it wasn’t here. Log in to your account download your game again and test if it solved the issue. Try to recover your backup data so you can resume your gaming journey otherwise, it will be worse than crashing a game.

Solution 5: Manage Storage Space

Ensure that you have sufficient storage space on your Xbox console. Insufficient space can lead to performance issues and game crashes. Delete unnecessary games or applications to free up space.

Video Tutorial

You can watch the Video tutorial for solving the Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing Xbox One.

The Conclusion

It doesn’t matter how expensive or perfect the Gaming console you have but errors can happen unexpectedly. Sometimes games got crash and sometimes your console faces freezing issues which are frustrating. But solving them is not rocket science.

If we talk about the crashing of the game then it’s not new. Usually, players face this problem. As they play their game, suddenly the game crashes. Most of the time this issue won’t take that long and can be fixed just by a simple booting.

It depends on the situation, sometimes it’s a simple crash. But sometimes you have to get through a few complicated steps to solve this problem.

Assuming your reason why are you having this problem? What would be your first step to fix this?

Then follow the steps that are mentioned above that will give you an exact idea of how you’re going to fix your crashing issue. None of the issues are considered permanent issues because they can be fixed just by putting in a bit of effort.


Question 1: How to fix Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing every other turn?

Answer: Having a crashing issue in Civ 6 with every turn navigates a usually a temporary crash that can be solved by a simple reboot. If you are still getting this issue then go and reinstall the expansion of the game.

Question 2: Should I reset my Xbox?

Answer: If none of the ways are working then resetting your Xbox is the last step that you should take to fix your console. Make sure to back up your all game data then go ahead for a factory reset.

Question 3: How to save the Xbox Series X from crashing?

Answer: Updating your Xbox to the latest version could save it from crashing.

Last Words

I hope you fix Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing Xbox One | Series S|X. If you still have any queries then you can comment below.

Please share this post with your friends if you find it useful for you to solve errors. Many people have already solved the issue of Xbox Series X Civ 6 crashing Xbox One.

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