NBA 2k21 Locker Codes January 2021 List ( Exclusive )

The popular NBA 2k21 was released on 4th September 2020 on Xbox, Playstation. In this post, you will get a new NBA 2k21 Locker Codes 2021.

I update locker codes frequently and it’s 100% working. Locker codes help to grow more in NBA 2k21.

After the release date, Fans gave a positive response. The one negative side of NBA 2k21 is not cross-platform.

What is a Locker Codes ?

Locker codes are in the form of text, which helps to get various rewards. You can also boost MY team level in 2k21 by getting PacksTokens, and VC.

The exciting fact about locker codes expires in one week. However, some never expire.

Some people are not getting VC with a purchase offer. 2k Support tweet on twitter this issue will resolve soon, and you will not lose any VC.

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How to Redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

If you have Locker codes, then you need to redeem it. Follow the simple steps.

Step 1: Select the “MyTEAM” in the main menu.

Step 2: Scroll to the right to “Extras.”

Step 3: Click on Locker Codes.

click on locker codes
click on locker codes

Step 4: Type Locker code that you want to redeem.

enter nba 2k21 locker codes
enter NBA 2k21 locker codes

In this way, you can Redeem any codes in NBA 2k21.

NBA 2k21 Locker Codes 2021

Copy and paste the code to get exclusive Rewards, tokens, and more. Here are the Exclusive new NBA 2k21 locker codes in January 2021, which I am sharing with you.

INFERNO-LEBRON-AND-TMACInferno Pack, Badge Pack, or tokensWorking
GRANTS-MOMENTS-32-POINTSguaranteed Diamond Jerami Grant Moments Card and earn XP with new Moments Agendas
HAPPY-MLK-DAY-21a Trae Young MLK City Edition jerseyWorking
JV-MOMENTS-DOUBLE-DOUBLE Guaranteed Amy Jonas Valanciunas Moments Card and earn XP with new Moments Agendas
THROWBACKS-ARE-BACKSThrowback Moments: Atlantic Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or tokensWorking
FLASH-5-GO-BUTLERFlash 5 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or tokensExpired
SEASON-4-THE-RETURNLeague Series 2 Pack, Deluxe Heat Check Pack, or tokensExpired
S3-SUPER-PACKS-OUT-NOWPantheon, Retro 2K, IDOLS Series I: Magic Johnson, IDOLS Series I: KD, Double Take, or Flash 4 PackExpired
FINAL-SEASON-3 PACKWalter Frazier, Bob Pettit, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, or Jason RichardsonExpired
Ja Morant, a
Contract, or a
MAGIC-JOHNSON-IDOLS-1IDOLS Series I: Magic, KD, Grant Hill, Dominique Wilkins, or Manu Ginobili PackExpired
SEASON-3-PETTIT-HARDENBob Pettit, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, or Jason Richardson PackExpired
BEST-OF-2k21-DROPa Draft, Flash 3, Flash 4, Possessed, IDOLS Series I: KD, or IDOLS Series I: Grant Hill PackExpired
SLAM-IT-HOME-LAVINEZach LaVine, Jayson Tatum, Joel Embiid, or Devin Booker PackExpired
SEASON-OF-GIVING-PINK-DIAMONDGuaranteed Pink Diamond playerExpired
SEASON-OF-GIVING-THANK-YOU75 tokens, 30K MTP, 50 tokens or 20K MTPExpired
MYTEAM-TRUST-THE-PROCESSJoel Embiid, Jason Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, Jason Richardson, or Devin Booker PackExpired
MYTEAM-DUNKERS-HAVE-LANDEDa Dunkers Pack, Gold Contracts Pack, or Gold Consumables PackExpired
ONE-WILL-RISE-SUPER-PACKa Tip-Off East Pack, Tip-Off West Pack, IDOLS Manu Ginobili Pack, IDOLS Dominique Wilkins Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or a Clutch PackExpired
CONGRATS-CHAMPION-LAKERSone ’19-’20 Lakers playerExpired
MyTEAM-FINALS-PACKSan NBA Finals Pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers or Back-to-Back PackExpired
SET-A-RECORD-SPOTLIGHTSPlayoff Records Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, Playoff Underdogs Pack, Playoff Dimers Pack, or a Back-to-Back PackExpired
IDOLS-HIGHLIGHT-FILMDominique Wilkins Pack, Manu Ginobili Pack, or 2 tokensExpired
LEBRON-OR-BUTLERa guaranteed Sapphire LeBron James or Jimmy Butler card.Expired
NBA-FINALS-PLAYERSguaranteed ’20 Lakers or Heat player for your MyTEAMWorking
UNDERDOGS-IN-MyTEAMa Playoff Underdogs Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Gold Contracts PackExpired
GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTONFlash 1 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or 2 TokensExpired
BACK-TO-BACK-PACKS-CHALLENGESBack-to-Back Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or a Base League PackExpired
ASSISTS-WITH-PLAYOFF-DIMERSChance at a Playoff Dimers Pack, Gold Consumables, or 2 TokensExpired
MYTEAM-IDOLS-MANU-PACKManu Ginobili Pack, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, 2 Tokens, or 1,000 MyTEAM PointsExpired
MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball PackWorking
CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAMClutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or two tokensExpired
WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISEEast or West Season Tip-Off Pack, 1 Token, 500 MTPExpired
SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERSOne Will Rise: Playoff Stoppers Pack, Gold Contracts Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or a tokenExpired
NBA 2k21 Locker Codes

Note: Most codes are available for one week so make sure to use them before expire. I update these codes on daily basis. Therefore, keep visiting our blog for getting locker codes.


MyTeam Flash 1 pack details

The GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTON locker codes available for one week.

Overall Rating Of Players:

  • The Brandon Roy: 95
  • Kevin Durant: 92
  • John Stockton: 93

NBA 2K21 Locker Codes That Never Expire

Here is the list of working locker codes of NBA 2k21 that never expires. You can redeem it anytime.

MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball PackNever Expired
NBA 2K21 Locker Codes That Never Expire

NBA 2k21 locker codes Twitter

NBA 2k21 made five different accounts on twitter. They will drop locker codes on these accounts. We will update locker codes whenever I get them.

Last Words:

I hope you get the new locker codes of NBA 2k21. If you want more Locker codes, then drop the message in the comment section.

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