How to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS devices 2024


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How to play Xbox cloud gaming on macOS devices

Xbox cloud gaming on macOS devices: Mac OS offers a more functional and streamlined user interface, but it is also regarded as the console with the least gaming support. If you own a Mac as well, you can recognize how challenging it is to refrain from playing games.

However, cloud gaming allows you to play almost all games on your Mac OS without concern about system requirements. Here is the full guide on how to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS devices.

Playing Cloud games on macOS devices is a little tricky.

Cloud gaming is a sort of future-style stream gaming that doesn’t require any specific system requirements except a better internet connection. There are different cloud gaming services but Nvidia GeForce NOW, and Xbox Cloud gaming attract players to cloud gaming.

These services are not free, at least you need to spend a small amount of money to play these games without any interruption. Let’s see how you can play Xbox Cloud games on your macOS.

What Devices Are Currently Supported?

Before we start digging in, the question is what are the devices that support

Xbox Cloud gaming. First, you should know it doesn’t require specific devices to play Xbox Cloud gaming. You just need a supported browser to play Xbox Cloud gaming.

As Safari is supported for cloud gaming then you must try that. It doesn’t matter what device you own, if you have Safari browser in your macOS, you can easily play Xbox cloud gaming on any Mac device.

Play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS devices

macOS doesn’t support high-end gaming but still uses cloud gaming services, so you can play your favorite games without any premium equipment.

Requirements for Xbox Cloud Gaming

Having a low-end device and dreaming of high-end games isn’t a bad thing in Cloud gaming as it doesn’t require any system requirements. Fulfill these requirements to start playing in macOS.

I would recommend that your macOS device meets the system requirements. Otherwise, you will face problems while playing games.

  • macOS Mojave (10.14) or later
  • Safari browser (version 14 or higher)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Xbox Game Pass ultimate

To play console games on your device, you must subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate every month. You can subscribe to this pass by spending just 1$ the first month and $14.99 to renew.

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you’ll be able to play hundreds of games on your macOS or even your iPhone or iPad.

Follow this guide to subscribe to the Xbox game pass ultimately.

Step 1: Follow this link to head over to the Xbox website.

Xbox game pass ultimately
Xbox game passes ultimately

Step 2: Click on the Join option under Game Pass ultimate product overview and move to the checkout area.

Join options XBox
Join options XBox
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Step 3: A prompt will appear with Game Pass details, Press Next and pick a payment method to subscribe to it.

Payment Methods XBox
Payment Methods Xbox

Xbox wireless controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller will help you to play Xbox Cloud games and will enhance your experience. But this controller is optional, you can also use your keyboard’s buttons to play these games.

You can use Chrome to install Xcloud keyboard and mouse extensions and set your buttons to play cloud games without a wireless controller.

Good Internet Connection

Cloud games all depend upon your internet connection. This is the only bond you have between your device and the streaming server. Having a disturbed network will ruin your gameplay. Here are the internet requirements from Xbox Cloud Gaming.

  • 10 Mbps speed for mobile devices to play Cloud Games.
  • 20 Mbps Speed to play on a Desktop or Console.
  • Wi-Fi must contain a 5Ghz connection with your devices.

Guide on how to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS

If you’re still wondering how you can easily play Cloud games on your macOS device by using Xbox Cloud gaming services. But first, subscribe to Xbox Game Pass ultimate membership to play these cloud games without interruption.

Step 1: Open any Supported browser on your device and Search for to head over to Xbox’s official website.

XBox cloud gaming on MacOS
Xbox cloud gaming on MacOS

Step 2: Tap on the Sign In option and enter your login credentials. Make sure to sign in with an account in which you subscribed to the Xbox game pass ultimately.

Step 3: Connect your Xbox Wireless controller, if you don’t have a controller then make sure to play these games on Chrome by using the xCloud keyboard and mouse extensions.

Step 4: On the main screen choose any game you want to play, click on the game which you want to play and it will start launching.

Step 5: while playing a game in Safari, click on the three dots under the apps option and select the full-screen option to hide the bookmark menu and browsing box. Press the f11 button on your keyboard to enable full screen on Chrome.

Cloud gaming isn’t as awesome as it sounds, even if you need to tackle several issues while playing any game.

  • It takes more time to see a response after pressing any button. Because first your actions will be received by the servers and then you will see the response on your screen.
  • Players experience lag and choppy sound while playing the game.
  • The game resolution automatically gets lower when your internet starts making issues.

The Conclusion

macOS isn’t considered a good operating system to play high graphic games on it. But as the world is becoming aware of cloud gaming, players ask about how to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS.

Make sure to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass ultimate membership and fulfill the stable network requirements to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS.


Q1: How to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS devices?

Answer: Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass ultimate membership and head over to to play Xbox cloud gaming. Make sure to have a supported browser and a stable internet connection.

Q2: What devices are currently supported for Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Answer: The Devices contain support browsers like Chrome, Safari, and stable internet connections, and easily play Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Q3: Do we need an Xbox Wireless controller to play Xbox Cloud gaming?

Answer: You can play without Xbox Wireless controllers just by installing extensions that will let you set your keyboard keys to play cloud games.

Q4: Do I need an Xbox console to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on macOS?

No, you don’t need an Xbox console to play Xbox Cloud Gaming on macOS. The games are streamed directly from Microsoft’s servers to your macOS device over the internet.

Last Words

I hope you learn how to play Xbox Cloud gaming on macOS devices. If you still have any queries, let me know in the comment section.

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