PlayStation 5 Price, Design and Gaming Bundles


PlayStation 5 Price, Design

We all know PlayStation 5 is coming at the end of this years. People still waiting for the PlayStation 5 Price.

Sony officially announced two version console; the one is Playstation 5 Standard and Playstation 5 digital edition.

We can expect Sony PlayStation 5 this Christmas. You will experience high graphics games. Sony always focuses on quality whether the price will be a little high of this console.

In this article, I will explain the design, price and games bundles in Sony PlayStation 5. 


Sony revealed the design of PlayStation 5 on 11th June in the event.

It has a combination of 2 colours, white and black. Generally, Sony is known for its Black colour. 

However, this time everyone surprised when people see the white colour design.

The most exciting feature we can place the PlayStation 5 console horizontally and vertically.

Sony PlayStation 5 Games

Every console provides various games for free to play. Therefore, users do not need to buy. Similarly, In PlayStation 4 we have seen God of war.

In PlayStation 5, Games bundles which include Spider-Man, GTA 5 updated version, Zombie-killing and many more we will get.

Moreover, you can play most games on PlayStation 4 in PlayStation 5. However, some games might be you cannot play.


First of all, the price is not confirmed by Dony yet. However, we can give you the idea of the game. Before mentioning anything related to cost, look the amount of other consoles of sony.

Console TypePrice
Sony PlayStation 3 ( 500 GB )$194
Sony PlayStation 4 ( 500 GB )$299
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro ( 1TB )$399
Sony PlayStation 5 ( 825GB SSD ) $500 – $599
PlayStation 5 Price

The price is expected of Sony PlayStation 5 is a little higher because of 4k Support and SSD hard disk. SSD hard disk helps to play the game fast and smoothly because it reads and writes quickly.

PlayStation 5 Hardware Trailor

Here is the trailer of PlayStation 5 and you can check how it looks like by watching the video.

Last Words

I hope you like Playstation 5 design, Games bundles and price. If you have any queries, then comment below. Please share this article with your friends.

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