How to Recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress { Full guide }


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Recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress

Recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress: Have you lost all your Minecraft dungeon’s progress? Now you are looking for a backup of this game. 

If yes, then come to the right place. Here, I will guide you on How to recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress.

I believe you have not uninstalled your Minecraft Dungeons yet. Otherwise, it’s tough to find and backup data of your game in Windows 7,8, and 10.

In case you have deleted the Minecraft Dungeons, then you can find it from the cache files. But, the chances are very low.

Why Progress Lost in Minecraft Dungeons

Progress Lost in Minecraft Dungeons is not any error. I ensure it is a mistake by users. Sometimes, users find any error in the game and then uninstall the game without taking a backup.

In this case, all Minecraft dungeon levels and characters have been lost.

How to take back your Minecraft Dungeons Character

Backup is necessary for every game because errors can come at any time. If you have a backup for any game, then you can recover quickly.

Microsoft provides cloud backup in the Xbox console. Similarly, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation also offer cloud storage if you have a premium membership. In these platforms, you do not need to worry about backup.

Most users face a problem who is playing the game on Windows 10.

Follow the steps to get the backup of Minecraft Dungeons.

Step 1: To begin with, Search “RUN” on Windows 10.

Step 2: Type %appdata% and click on “OK.”

app data minecraft dungeons
app data Minecraft dungeons

Step 3: Now click on Local.

local Minecraft dungeons
local Minecraft dungeons

Step 4: Finally, Open the folder of “Dungeons.”


Step 5: Copy and Save all the files and stored them in different folders.

Shortcut key: AppData/local/Dungeons.

How to Recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress

This method only works if you already have a backup, which I mentioned above. If you don’t know how to take a backup, then, first of all, follow the above methods.

Generally, when you uninstall Minecraft dungeons, then they will ask to erase local data but not in the window version.

After installing Minecraft Dungeons then, replace the Dungeons folder ( contents ), which you already took the backup.

In this way, you can recover Minecraft Dungeon Lost Progress.

Checking for Automatic Backups

Minecraft Dungeons often creates automatic backups of your game data, which can be a relaxation in situations of lost progress.
To check for automatic backups and restore your progress, follow these steps:

  • First of all, Open the Minecraft Dungeons game on your platform.
  • Access the settings or options menu.
  • Look for a “Backup and Restore” or “Saved Data” section.
  • Locate the automatic backups and select the most recent one.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to restore the backup and recover your lost progress.

My Minecraft dungeons character is gone

If your character’s save data becomes corrupted, it might lead to their disappearance. Regularly backing up your saved data can help mitigate this risk.

One more common issue mods or unauthorized software can interfere with the game’s mechanics and lead to character loss. Avoid using them if you want to maintain a stable game environment.

Video Tutorial

Follow the video tutorial for Minecraft Dungeons data from here

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I hope you like this article and help recover Minecraft Dungeons data in Windows 10. If you have any queries, then feel free to comment below. I always try to help you.

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