Watch FREE DEMO Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


Watch FREE DEMO Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Ghost Trick, the popular puzzle-adventure game, is set to make a comeback with a fully remastered edition.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms starting from June 30.

The game was first released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS and gained popularity for its unique gameplay mechanics and engaging storyline.

Exciting news for fans and newcomers alike, as a free demo of the game is now available for download. This allows players to get a taste of the captivating gameplay and intriguing storyline before the official release.

You can play Ghost Trick Phantom Detective gaming on the Switch or consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, or PC.

Mark your calendars for June 30 and prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as you uncover the secrets of the afterlife.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try the free demo now available, and get ready to immerse yourself in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s captivating world.

Watch FREE DEMO Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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