Fortnite Game: The Arrival of the Sharp Tooth Shotgun


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Sharp Tooth Shotgun

Fortnite, the popular online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games, has recently made an exciting update to its arsenal of weapons.

In response to an issue with players losing control when rebooted, the developers have temporarily vaulted the Kinetic Boomerang. But fear not, because, in its place, the new Sharp Tooth Shotgun has arrived.

This shotgun is perfect for taking out your prey from a distance. Let’s look into the details of this powerful new addition to Fortnite gameplay.

Fortnite is known for its ever-evolving gameplay and frequent updates. These updates often introduce new weapons, items, and features to keep the game fresh and exciting.

The recent update, which temporarily vaulted the Kinetic Boomerang, aims to address an issue that players were experiencing.

Fortnite Game: The Arrival of the Sharp Tooth Shotgun

The Issue with the Kinetic Boomerang

The Kinetic Boomerang was a popular weapon among Fortnite players due to its unique mechanics. However, an issue arose where players would lose control over the boomerang upon being rebooted. This glitch caused frustration among players, as it disrupted their gameplay and hindered their ability to engage in combat effectively.

The Arrival of the Sharp Tooth Shotgun

In place of the vaulted Kinetic Boomerang, Fortnite players can now wield the powerful Sharp Tooth Shotgun. This new weapon offers several advantages that make it a formidable choice in battles.


The introduction of the Sharp Tooth Shotgun in Fortnite marks an exciting change in the game’s weapon lineup.

You know this shotgun offers players a new way to engage in battles and eliminate opponents effectively. Stay tuned for further updates from Epic Games as they continue to enhance the Fortnite experience.

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