Fortnite Ranked disabled – Here is the Latest Update FIX


Fortnite Ranked disabled

Fortnite Ranked disabled: The crashing issue that prompted the temporary disablement of Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build has affected a significant number of players. Crashes during gameplay not only disrupt the gaming experience.

It is also frustrating for those aiming to climb the ranks or improve their skills in a competitive setting.

Epic Games swiftly took action to address this problem, acknowledging the impact it had on players and their overall enjoyment of the game.

Why is Fortnite Ranked not working

Fortnite, disabling Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build was a necessary step to prevent additional crashes and preserve the integrity of the game

By temporarily disabling these modes, they aimed to mitigate any further disruption and provide a more stable environment for all Fortnite enthusiasts.

Latest Update

Epic Games launched an extensive investigation into the crashing issue that led to the disablement of Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build. Their dedicated team of developers and engineers worked diligently to identify the root causes of the problem.

Ranked Disabled

Here You can see the latest tweet from Fortnite status.


While Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build are temporarily disabled, you can still enjoy other game modes offered by Fortnite. Explore the variety of options available and continue honing your skills.

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