7 Most Popular Android Games Free to Play 2023


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7 Most Popular Android Games Free to Play

Are you looking for the best Android games to play on your smartphone? You can see there are many options available in the Google Play Store. It can be difficult to choose which games are good to play.

We have made a list of the 10 most popular Android games that you should try in 2023.

These games have earned a massive following, offer exciting gameplay, and are completely free to download and play.

7 Most Popular Android Games Free to Play 2023

In this article, we will talk about the 7 Most Popular Android Games to play on your smartphone.

7 Most Popular Android Games

  • Roblox
  • Subway Surfers
  • Twisted Triangle
  • Weapon Craft Run
  • Duet Cats
  • Royal Match
  • Monopoly Go!

#1: Roblox

Roblox is a massively popular online multiplayer platform that lets you create and play games designed by the community. With millions of user-generated games available, there’s something for everyone. From adventure and role-playing games to virtual worlds and simulations, Roblox offers endless entertainment and social interaction. Join the Roblox community and unleash your creativity today.

#2: Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that has gained immense popularity since its release. Join Jake, Tricky, and Fresh as they dash through subway tracks, evading the grumpy inspector and his dog. Swipe left and right, jump, and slide to avoid obstacles and collect coins. With its vibrant visuals, smooth controls, and frequent updates, Subway Surfers remains a favorite among mobile gamers.

#3: Twisted Triangle

Twisted Triangle is a unique puzzle game that challenges your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. The objective is to rotate and fit triangular puzzle pieces into a larger triangular grid, forming complete shapes. With its minimalist design and relaxing gameplay, Twisted Triangle provides a soothing yet stimulating experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

#4: Weapon Craft Run

Weapon Craft Run is an action-packed game that combines platforming and weapon crafting elements. Jump, slide, and shoot your way through challenging levels filled with enemies and obstacles. Collect resources to craft powerful weapons and upgrade your character’s abilities. With its fast-paced gameplay and retro-inspired visuals, Weapon Craft Run delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience for action game enthusiasts.

#5: Duet Cats

Duet Cats is a delightful game that combines music and adorable feline characters. Join two cats on their rhythmic journey through mesmerizing worlds, tapping and swiping along with the music. With its catchy tunes, stunning visuals, and intuitive gameplay, Duet Cats offers a unique and immersive musical experience that will leave you wanting more.

#6: Royal Match

If you enjoy match-3 puzzle games with a royal twist, Royal Match is the game for you. Embark on a grand adventure through a kingdom filled with colorful gems and challenging puzzles. Match identical gems to clear levels and unlock power-ups that can help you overcome obstacles. With its charming graphics and addictive gameplay, Royal Match is sure to captivate puzzle enthusiasts.

#7: Monopoly Go!

Monopoly Go! brings the classic board game to your Android device, allowing you to experience the thrill of buying, selling, and trading properties. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, this free game offers a modern twist to the timeless Monopoly formula. Compete against friends or AI opponents as you strategize your way to becoming the ultimate real estate tycoon.


In conclusion, these 7 Android games are the most popular and engaging titles to play in 2023. There, I would suggest get your Android device, go to the Google Play Store, and start downloading these exciting games to play right now!

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