Unbelievable! PlayStation Plus Drops 3 FREE Games for August – Hidden Gem ALERT!


Unbelievable! PlayStation Plus Drops 3 FREE Games for August

Hey there, fellow gamers! Guess what?

It’s August, and that means all you PlayStation Plus folks are in for a real treat, no matter if you’re a regular member of the fancy Premium type.

Why, you ask? Well, you’re getting not one, not two, but three free games this month: Dreams, PGA Tour 2K23, and Death’s Door. Now, let’s break it down.

Dreams, oh Dreams. It’s like that one kid in school who was super smart but somehow didn’t end up being the popular kid. Developed by Media Molecule, it’s a PS4 exclusive that critics loved but sadly didn’t hit it big in terms of sales.

And then we have PGA Tour 2K23, which is pretty self-explanatory – golf, anyone?

But wait, there’s the dark horse of the month – Death’s Door. If you haven’t heard of it, you might be in for a surprise.

PlayStation Plus folks are buzzing over on Reddit, both on PS4 and PS5. People are legit shocked at how good this game is. I mean, one person even said they were “very surprised,” and that’s saying something. Some even found it more enjoyable than they expected.

Of course, not everything’s all rainbows and butterflies. Some folks on the same Reddit page are a bit miffed about the game lacking a proper map and the whole backtracking thing. And let’s not forget the challenge factor – some players aren’t exactly thrilled about how tough the game can get.

Now, if you’re the type who trusts review scores more than Reddit rants, well, Death’s Door has got you covered. It’s got a cool 89 on Metacritic, which is basically a badge of honor in the gaming world.

So, in a nutshell, this month’s PlayStation Plus offerings are Dreams, PGA Tour 2K23, and the surprise package, Death’s Door. Dreams might have missed the popularity train, and golf is… well, golf. But Death’s Door seems to be the one stealing the spotlight, with PlayStation fans raving about it and that awesome 89 on Metacritic. Time to power up those consoles!

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