How to Repair a Pickaxe in Minecraft


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Repair a Pickaxe in Minecraft

Repair a Pickaxe in Minecraft: Minecraft is a captivating world of creativity and exploration, where tools like pickaxes are essential for resource gathering.

However, even the sturdiest pickaxes degrade over time. In this guide, we will look into the ins and outs of repairing a pickaxe in Minecraft, ensuring you can continue your adventures without interruption.

How to Repair a Pickaxe in Minecraft

In this section, we will talk about repairing a pickaxe using various methods.

#1: Combining Pickaxes: The Anvil Method

Repairing a pickaxe through the anvil method involves using a second pickaxe of the same material as a sacrificial tool.

  • Gather Materials: Obtain a second pickaxe made from the same material you wish to repair.
  • Access the Anvil: Right-click on the anvil to open the repair interface.
  • Place Pickaxes: Put your damaged pickaxe in the first slot and the sacrificial pickaxe in the second slot.
  • Repair: The anvil will display the repaired pickaxe with an XP cost. If you have the required XP, confirm the repair.

#2: Enchantments and Mending

The Mending enchantment is a game-changer for pickaxe repairs.

  • Acquire Mending Books: Find or trade for Mending enchanted books.
  • Apply the Enchantment: An anvil can apply the Mending enchantment to your pickaxe using the enchanted book.
  • XP for Repairs: While using the enchanted pickaxe, collected XP will repair the tool instead of adding it to your XP bar.

#3: Grindstone: Removing Unwanted Enchantments

Sometimes, a pickaxe may have unwanted enchantments that hinder its repair. The grindstone can help with this.

  • Craft a Grindstone: Combine two wooden planks, a stone slab, and a stone wheel in a crafting table to create a grindstone.
  • Use the Grindstone: Place your pickaxe in the first slot and use the grindstone. Unwanted enchantments will be removed, and the pickaxe can be further repaired.

#4: Natural Regeneration: Unbreaking Enchantment

The Groundbreaking enchantment increases a pickaxe’s durability, extending its lifespan.

  • Obtain Unbreaking Enchantments: Find or trade for Unbreaking enchanted books.
  • Apply the Enchantment: Use an anvil to apply the Unbreaking enchantment to your pickaxe.
  • Durability Boost: Your pickaxe will experience fewer durability losses, allowing you to mine and repair less frequently.


Q1: Can I repair a pickaxe using different materials?

No, pickaxes can only be repaired using the same material they are made of.

Q2: What happens if I combine two pickaxes with different enchantments?

When you combine two pickaxes with different enchantments, the resulting tool will have all enchantments from both pickaxes.

Q3: Can I repair a pickaxe without an anvil?

Anvils are necessary for certain repair methods, but using the Mending enchantment can repair pickaxes without an anvil.

Q4: Do pickaxes with the Fortune enchantment repair differently?

No, the Fortune enchantment doesn’t affect pickaxe repair methods. It only increases block drops while mining.

Q5: How does the Mending enchantment prioritize repairs?

The Mending enchantment repairs the item in your hand with the lowest durability using collected XP.

Q6: Is it better to use the grindstone or Mending for repairs?

It depends on your situation. If you want to remove unwanted enchantments, use the grindstone. If you want convenient and continuous repairs, go for Mending.


I would say repairing a pickaxe in Minecraft is an essential skill that ensures you are always prepared for your adventures. Whether you are using the anvil method, taking advantage of enchantments, or using the grindstone, these techniques will help you maintain your tools’ longevity.

Remember to adapt your repair approach based on your playstyle and goals. Now that you’re equipped with these repair methods, go forth and conquer the blocky world of Minecraft!

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