Fix Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X|S 2021

Fix Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X|S: Suddenly! Minecraft is not loading on Xbox series X when people try to load the game. They are not getting any error message, but it shows a black screen and Mojang logo.

Well! No one knows the exact reason why this happens while playing Minecraft. However, some fix helps to get rid of Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X.

Fix Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X|S

I am just mentioning some tips that will help to Fix Minecraft won’t open on Xbox. 

Solution 1: Uninstall Minecraft entirely and Re-download.

Step 1: Go to Xbox Home Screen by pressing the Xbox button.

Step 2: Click on My Games & apps, then tap See all.

My games and apps
My games and apps

Step 3: Now, Tap on Minecraft or three dots under the controller.

Step 4: Finally, Click on Uninstall.

minecraft uninstall
minecraft uninstall

Step 5: Tap on Full Library, then all owned games.

Step 6: Click on Minecraft and Install all.

I hope by following our first solution, your problem could solve.

Solution 2: Restart the Console

Sometimes the console started heating, and games won’t load properly, then you can Restart the console.

Solution 3: Contact Mojang 

If the issue persists, then you can contact Mojang support by following on Twitter. They also have direct support. When you click on the link, then you have to fill the small form with a query.

Solution 4: Reset Console

Sometimes, Files are corrupted in the console. These files do not load properly so, Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X|S. Therefore, Update or reset the console. However, make sure to back up all content before resetting the console.

Solution 5: Clear your Mac address and perform a quick power cycle:

The crashing or freezing of Minecraft is generally related to the network Issue. Therefore, you should clear the MAC address and Perform a quick Power Cycle.

Step 1: First of all, Go to Settings.

Step 2: Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternate Mac Address > Clear it and the console should restart.

I will recommend performing a quick power cycle by turning off the console and then unplugging all the cables. After waiting for 2 to 3 minutes, re-plug them back again, then restart your console. It would help to start Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S.

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If your console is not loading anything, it means you have to Hard Reset your console. Just do Hold the power button on the console for 8 seconds or until the power shuts down completely.

Fix Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X|S

Last Words

Currently, There are many Known Issues on Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft solving one by one. You can get the latest update on these issues.

I hope you solve Minecraft won’t open on Xbox Series X with our solution. If you still have a question on your mind, then comment below.

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