How to Fix Xbox app slow Download Speed on PC game pass 2024


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Fix Xbox app slow Download Speed

Fix Xbox app slow Download Speed: When it comes to gaming on PC, there are many platforms to enjoy and experience your favorite games. Steam, Epic Games, and Humble bundle some of the best platforms to get yourself into gaming.

Many users ask questions How do I make my Xbox download apps faster? And why won’t my Xbox download more quickly? So, everything you will find in this article.

Xbox is also one of the best PC applications to download and play console and PC games on your computer. You can read about the Xbox app’s slow download speed on Reddit.

By subscribing to Game Pass on Xbox you will get your hands on a huge game library to download and install the game that you want to play. Xbox allows players to experience graphic games in the affordable bundle by subscribing to PC Game Pass.

This game pass contains almost all the reputed and high-rated games that update every month. Choosing Xbox for gaming won’t be a bad choice. You have to subscribe to PC Game Pass and start playing by downloading your favorite games.

Nowadays Xbox users are reporting a problem with downloading speed. They experience it’s so slow when we try to download any game in the Xbox library after subscribing to PC Game Pass.

I’m not sure that this issue is exactly related to PC Game Pass because there are a lot of factors that can Xbox app download speed capped. There might be something wrong with your Windows or download manager.

It’s really frustrating to have speed like that while downloading games from Xbox because these games require high storage from the device and consume more data to download. If you put a specific game on downloading with low speed then it will take hours or your whole day to be completed.

Why do we face slow speed on the Xbox PC game pass?

The reasons aren’t specified exactly why we face slow speed on Xbox PC game pass problem. but few things are considered as the specified cause. Let’s dig in and figure out what it could be.

Bad Network Connection

I’m pretty sure a bad network connection is the first culprit that is causing this frustrating problem. As we all know downloading depends upon the network. A slow internet connection will make your downloading slow Also disable it and you won’t be able to continue your downloading. 

Because of the highly optimized download manager and the self-gaming library, Xbox will not disable or lose your downloaded data, but you’ll have to wait for hours or the whole day to see it done.

Xbox Insider Program

If you have joined the Xbox Insider Program then you better get yourself out of it because it could also cause you this problem. If you don’t know, the insider program is for those users who want to get early access to games and play them to share their opinions on how they experience them.

This would be a beta test for games and insider program users’ opinions to help developers know about the game’s vulnerabilities.

Problem With Router

There could be something wrong with your router. Sometimes these things stop working properly suddenly and cause interference. Figuring out this problem is tricky, but you have to analyze this to get yourself out of this problem.   

How to fix Xbox App Slow Download Speed on PC

Here are a few ways to fix this issue. By applying that tricks I’m sure your downloads will be boosted and you won’t face this issue again.

How to Fix Xbox app slow Download Speed on PC game pass 2024

Your Xbox is not running into critical trouble so you don’t need to go that hard for this. These are a few basic ways to speed up your downloading speed. You will find a solution for Xbox Game Pass PC slow download Windows 11.

Solution 1: Start it again

Let’s start with the very basic and default way to boost your downloading speed. Close your Xbox and start it again. Sometimes this basic trick works perfectly and you’ll see a huge change in your downloading speed. You better restart your computer because that will be much more helpful than that.

Restarting your computer will optimize your cache and tasks that are running in your background. Usually, these background running tasks consume data too, and slow down our downloading.

When you restart your computer it restores your cache memory and your applications work in a better way than before. Same this way when you open Xbox there’s a maximum chance that your slow Xbox app download speed will be improved than before.

Solution 2: Fix your Internet

We can’t ignore our internet when we face trouble like this because it depends upon the internet. To check your internet do these things.

  1. Open your browser and search for an internet speed test.
  2. Open any website and check your internet just by tapping the check button.
  3. Simply go to to check your speed with one click.
Internet Speed
Internet Speed

It will show you the exact Mbps speed. If your internet speed is slower than usual then you should take a step and fix it. Just plug out your router and connect it again after a few minutes and see if it solves the issue.

Connect your internet service provider if you’re having a critical issue with your internet connection. After fixing your internet connection your Xbox downloading speed will be improved if it’s affected by it.

Solution 3: Leave the Xbox Insider Program

Xbox Insider Program could slow down your downloading speed so leaving it might be a good idea. As you know Insider program lets users get early access to Xbox games that are in beta testing to share their opinions. The majority of users found when they are in the Xbox Insider Program they face slow downloading speed issues. To leave Insider Program follow these steps.

  • Open your Xbox app and click on the username in the left upper corner.
  • Now choose Insider Program from the menu.
  • Select the preview option on the left menu.
  • Select the Windows gaming placed under the joined option.
  • Choose the manage option then select leave preview.
Xbox Insider Program
Xbox Insider Program

After tapping continue you will be out of your insider program. Now restart your computer and open Xbox to see if it solves the issue.

Solution 4: Manage your download settings

Your slow downloading speed could be fixed by managing your Delivery optimization settings in your Windows. This is a unique option in your Windows Especially for the Microsoft store, Windows updates, and Xbox store.

Many users are facing the Windows 11 Xbox app’s slow download. There are a lot of better features to customize here but we just have to go for the “Allow downloads from other PCs” option.

This option is really useful but users reported that it would increase our downloading speed in the Xbox app. Let’s see how you can disable it in a better way. You can follow the same steps for Windows 11 Xbox App’s slow download Speed.

  • Open your settings or press the Windows + I key to open settings.
  • Select Windows Update from the left side menu.
  • Choose the Delivery Optimization option to configure it.
  • Here disable the “Allow downloads from other PCs” option.
Download Setting
Download Setting

After following the steps restart your Xbox and resume your downloading to see if it solves the issue.

Solution 5: Use a VPN

Using a VPN increases your downloading speed better if you select the best server for your downloading. Sometimes your country server could be busy with a high user rate per day that’s why you’re having an imbalance of bandwidth and it’s causing your downloading speed to be slower.

As you better know a VPN changes your IP address and connects your IP to another country where you choose to connect it. A wrong selection could slow down your downloading speed even more than that.

Follow these ways to speed up your downloading speed and keep enjoying your favorite games. Fun isn’t going to get away if you search for solutions to the problems that you are having on your way. Analyze the reasons and go ahead to fix them.

Solution 6: Change Google Public DNS IP addresses

How to Fix Xbox app slow Download Speed on PC game pass 2024

Her is the Google Public IPv4 DNS IP Address.

Solution 7: Disable VPN or Proxy Connections

Using a VPN or proxy connection can sometimes interfere with the Xbox app’s download speed. Temporarily disable any VPN or proxy connections you may have enabled and check if the download speeds improve.

Solution 8: Update the Xbox App and Windows

Sometimes Outdated software can cause performance issues. Ensure your Xbox app and Windows operating system are up to date.

To update the Xbox app, follow these steps:

  • Open the Microsoft Store on your PC.
  • Click on the three dots (…) in the top-right corner and select “Downloads and updates.
  • Click “Get updates” to install any available updates for the Xbox app.

Update Windows, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “Check for updates.”
  • Click on “Check for updates” from the search results.
  • If updates are available, click on “Download” and “Install” to update your system.

Video Tutorial

The conclusion

Facing a slower downloading speed exactly means that you’re running into internet issues but it’s not the same all the time.

Restart your computer or Xbox app to see if it fixes the issue because sometimes it’s related to a temporary issue that could be possibly solved just by restarting your computer.

There isn’t any technical issue with the Xbox gaming library even though not all the players face this issue. It exactly means that there’s something wrong with your internet connection or device.

Check your router, and your internet speed, clear your computer cache, and optimize delivery optimization. By applying these simple steps you’ll be able to fix your downloading speed.

How to remove the download speed cap Xbox app.

To remove the download speed cap on the Xbox app, you can optimize your network connection, pause background activities, use a wired connection, clear cache, adjust Xbox settings, and consider port forwarding.

These steps can help you achieve faster download speeds and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

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Q1: Is there something wrong with my Xbox app?

Answer: Probably! But restarting your Xbox app or your computer will be good enough to get through this problem. At least you can reset your Xbox app if you really suspect this that much.

Q2: My network is well so why do I keep having a slow downloading speed?

Answer: If your network is all ok then running apps in the background consumes your data and speed. Clean your background to fix it.

Q3: Is this problem related to my Game pass?

Answer: I totally deny it. This is not possible that you’re facing slow downloading speed just because of the Game pass. It doesn’t relate to your downloading anyway. At least you can just log off your account and log in again to see if it works.

Q4: Can I improve the download speed on the Xbox app?

I would say yes, by optimizing your internet connection and adjusting the app settings, you can improve the download speed.

Last Words

I hope you Fix the Xbox app’s slow Download Speed on the PC game pass. If you face any problem regarding it then feel free to contact us.

Many gaming lovers solve the Xbox app slow Download Speed on PC using our guide.

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