How to fix Minecraft realms Internal Server error 500


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fix Minecraft realms Internal Server error 500

Fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server error 500: Minecraft Realms server is officially developed by Mojang to create and manage your own world with your friends. This server is connected to the internet and always stays online even if you log off.

You and your friends can enjoy an adventurous world together by pushing yourself through hard trials and crafting advanced tools to pass through the survival world.

Minecraft users must have to activate the complete Java edition and maintain a stable internet connection to add themselves to the realm server.

Nowadays things are getting unpleasant for Minecraft realms players due to error 500 that is suddenly appearing all over the world. Players are requesting this error with a great sudden and can’t join the game.

When gamers try to join the private server that they’ve created to enjoy the game, they are not able to connect and keep seeing one error: internal server error 500.

This error is frustrating, and you can’t even connect to your private realm server. Still, it isn’t that hard to tackle this and enjoy your game again.

You just need to follow a few steps that we’re going to reveal and after that, you’ll be able to resolve this issue for sure.

What causes a 500 internal server error?

There would be a lot of reasons, but few things are specified that can cause this trouble. It can possibly be due to your connectivity issues with the internet. As you know Minecraft realms server only runs over the internet to connect different players over the world together.

Having issues with the internet could be possibly a reason that you’re facing this error. But there are also other factors that can cause this problem but still, all the factors are somehow connected to your internet connection. Here are a few specific reasons for this.

  • A bad internet connection is the first and most common reason that causes this problem. Fixing it probably runs your server without any problem.
  • Sometimes things get messy from servers. It could be a maintenance break, or the server is temporarily down.  If you’re connected with the social player community, you’ll get to know that everyone is having this problem due to server problems.
  • It’s usual that Minecraft releases its update after a month, or it can take more than that. Having an outdated version can possibly crash your server because the server is already updated too.
  • Having so much data-consuming software on your pc could possibly cause this problem. Or downloading a large storage file in the background that is consuming your internet data at maximum speed.
  • As you install additional plugins for the betterment of your pc might resist the Minecraft realms server. If they consume internet data in the background then, there’s no doubt about it that it could be a reason too.

These are a few reasons that can cause your Minecraft realms server and disturb your gameplay. We have a better solution to get through realm error 500 and continue playing with your friends.

Fix Minecraft realms Internal Server error 500

Let’s Fix Minecraft realms Internal Server error 500 with a few basics that could fix your issue before heading to the ultra-tricks. Because sometimes it is just because of a bit of disturbance in your internet connection or in your operating system.

Let’s dig in How do I fix Minecraft realms Internal Server error 500?

Solution 1: Fix your Internet Connection

First, you need to make sure that your internet is working properly. Having disturbance with your internet rise the internet ping and game becomes a bit laggy. A sudden resistance in your internet might cause realm error 500. If you’re using WIFI, you should check your internet to see if it’s working properly.

Step 1: Open your browser and search for an internet speed test. And open the first website you see. Hit the check button or it will check the internet automatically.

Fix your Internet Connection
Fix your Internet Connection

It will show your internet speed in Mbps. Having 1MB per second is enough to run the Minecraft realms server. But if you got low then that. Just improve it.

Use an ethernet connection to boost your internet speed. Then check your speed as before. If it improves your low-speed issue, then check Minecraft realm server error 500 if it works.

Solution 2: Update your Windows to the Latest Version

If your internet connection is fine and you’re still getting this problem, then it means there could be something wrong with your operating system and it’s preventing your internet that’s why you’re having a problem with the realm server.

Update your Windows to the Latest Version
Update your Windows to the Latest Version

Step 1: Go to your settings and select update and recovery. Now check for updates if any latest updates have been launched by windows. Update your windows and it will solve every issue with your windows.

Window Update
Window Update

Step 2: After updating your windows. Make sure your internet is stable and then open your game and check if it fixes your issue.

Just wait for it

Sometimes the problem is from the official server. It could be a maintenance break or something else.

First, you need to make sure that this problem really belongs to the server by contacting other players on social or the Minecraft official will announce the problem on Social platforms.

Second: After a specific time, it will be fixed so you just need to wait for it. It won’t take more than 36 hours to fix this.

Solution 3: Remove background disturbances

Sometimes the additional applications on your PC will interfere with your internet connection. This will resist your internet and you will see server error 500 in Minecraft.

There’s a limit on your maximum internet speed that you can’t pass through it. Let’s suppose your internet is running over 5MB per second. Playing Minecraft on the realms server won’t cause that much speed that could cross your limit.

But having data-consuming applications in the background consumes your data at the maximum limit and your realm server will show an error of 500. Let’s freeze your background running applications and fix your issue.

Step 1: At the bottom of your screen, tap the right button to view the menu. Select the task manager option to view the task manager. Or tap CTRL+Shift+Esc to view it.

Step 2: Choose a problematic application that is causing your internet a disturbance.

Step 3: Right-click on the application then select END TASK. This will hibernate the application it won’t run in the background and won’t consume your data anymore. Your internet will be free and you won’t face any problems while playing Minecraft on the realms server.

Task Manager
Task Manager

Solution 4: Install Resource pack and mod

You might be facing this issue after installing a specific mod and resources pack. The error in that mod prevents your Minecraft from running your realm server. Now the only thing you can do is uninstall your mod and resources pack as well. And now open your game if your issue is fixed.

After applying these steps I’m sure you’ll be able to solve your issue. This issue could be something wrong with your Minecraft files but that could be possibly solved after updating it to the latest version. After the update, your corrupted files replace with new files which fixes your every issue.

Solution 5: Clearing Cache and Cookies

I would say clearing the cache and cookies on your web browser or Minecraft client. This procedure helps in removing any temporary information that can be conflicting with the connection to Minecraft Realms.

Web browsers: Go to the settings of your browser and erase the browsing history, including the cache and cookies.

For users of Minecraft:

Step 1: Navigate to the Minecraft launcher’s settings first.

Step 2: Next, choose your Minecraft profile under the “Launch Options” page and press “More Options.”

Step 3: At this point, activate the “Game directory” option and access the relevant folder.

Step 4: Lastly, purge the “cache” and “libraries” directories of all their contents.

Video Tutorial

The conclusion

Minecraft realm error 500 is all about your internet connection. It could somehow be some disturbance in your connectivity. Fixing it would resolve every issue related your to realm server. It was all about Minecraft realm error 500. After following these simple procedures you’ll be able to fix your game.

Next time, just try to remember a few things that will help you never face this issue in the future. Use a secure internet connection while playing the Minecraft realm server. It is a recommendation to play games on the latest updated version because it directly fixes every issue in your game.

Be aware of all applications on your computer that cause your internet speed and data. Restart your pc or hibernate that application if it auto-starts in the background and consumes data. It will save your data and will fix your realm error 500.


Q1: Why do I keep facing this error?

Answer: As I have mentioned this error is caused by internet connectivity so until you fix it, it’ll keep showing.

Q2: Can we solve this issue without the internet?

Answer: You can configure your computer’s applications that are causing the problem, but you can’t update your game or search for the latest updates because these all things depend upon your internet connection. Connect your device to the internet to proceed with fixing your error.

Q3: Is there something wrong with my internet?

Answer: Obviously! The realms server runs on the internet, and it won’t work if you got disconnected from your internet connection. First, you need to fix your internet connection then you’ll be able to fix this issue.

Q4: Is there something wrong with my computer?

Answer: It could be, if your computer prevents your internet connection then this might be a reason. Fixing your computer will let your game be fixed.

People Also Ask

Q1: How do I fix internal server errors in the Minecraft realm?

To fix internal server errors in the Minecraft realm, you can try restarting the server, checking your internet connection, updating Minecraft, clearing the cache, disabling mods, and resource packs, or contacting Minecraft support for assistance.

Q2: How do I fix Minecraft Realms internal server error 500?

An internal server error 500 in Minecraft Realms can be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, such as restarting the server, updating Minecraft, and disabling mods or resource packs.

Q3: What causes internal server errors?

Internal server errors in Minecraft Realms can be caused by network connectivity issues, incompatible mods or resource packs, outdated Minecraft versions, server overload or maintenance, or corrupted game files.

Q4: How do I recover from an internal server error?

I would say, to recover from an internal server error, you can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. If the issue persists, reach out to Minecraft support for personalized

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