How to Fix Roblox error code 279 id =17


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Fix Roblox error code 279

Fix Roblox error code 279 id =17: Roblox is an adventurous online multi-world game that is developed by Roblox Corporation. Roblox allows users to use their creativity and design worlds and other users can play that world.

Roblox is totally free to play except you have to purchase in-game items by using Roblox currency which is called Robux.

Roblox provides a glorious fun experience that you can enjoy especially with your friends. There are thousands of worlds to play with a unique adventure and quest.

Take your friends to Roblox World and enjoy event games and an adventure journey together.

Roblox is available on every platform except MacOS. You can easily play it on Android, iOS, Windows, and XBOX.  Roblox doesn’t require high hardware requirements to run on your device.

Your Android device must have 2GB RAM and a 1.6 GHz speed chipset. Roblox has stunning blocky graphics like Minecraft, but the genre is completely different from both games.

Download and Play Roblox

If you have an Android device then go to the play store and simply download Roblox. For Pc users, you just have to go to the official website because this website is trustworthy.

If you go for other sources to download the game then the downloaded files might harm your computer.

Step 1: After installing the game on your device. Set your account. If you’re a new user then register for it. Fill up your birthday details, username, password, and Gmail, and just sign up.

Step 2: After creating your account. You’ll be headed for the next screen. Where you’ll see your username, avatar, and game categories to play.

Step 3: Now select any game that attracts your interest and you’ll see game description and ratings on another page. At the bottom, there’s a green button that indicates playing this game. After hitting that button you’ll be able to play this game.

Roblox installation and playing scenarios are much easier and free of all kinds of errors for Android or iPhone users.

If we talk about Windows users then sometimes Windows users really stuck with some technical issue on Roblox that really hurts their gameplay.

Because windows are a much better Operating system that holds thousand of operating elements so having a bit issue in your pc or in your browser can cause problems for Roblox. A very familiar error that we are facing nowadays is related to connectivity.

Whenever this error happens our Roblox shows the message “ failed to connect to the game. (ID=17) The connection attempt failed {error code: 279}. Now let’s further discuss this error and find a way to fix Roblox error code 279.

Why does this error happen?

As I already mentioned that this error is somewhere belonging to the connectivity of your device to the internet.

  • Bad network connection
  • In-game issues
  • Windows firewall problem

Bad Network connection

Please check your internet connection before playing the game because it can cause that problem.

If you are sure that your internet is enough to take the game’s pressure then just take a look at other processes happening in your background and consuming your data. Let’s suppose you’re playing Roblox and your Windows is on the way to updating itself.

Then it will consume your internet data automatically and will increase your game’s ping. This way your game will take so much time to load objects and finally, it will show an error that “failed to connect to the game. (ID=17)”. Just to make sure that your internet connection is good just check your background processes. And your internet ping.

In-game issues

If your internet connection is good then there would be a few issues in the gaming world that you have chosen. Let’s suppose the world you have chosen got some technical issues and a few objects are empty.

Empty objects are not able to be loaded so that’s why it shows the same error that we’re having during internet connection issues.

If the game world contains more massive objects and fast action and your internet connection is not fast enough to bear this speed then there are maximum chances that you would face Roblox error code 279.

Windows firewall problem

Windows firewall is an advanced defender in your Windows OS that allows and disallows unauthorized internet connections that are coming or going out from your device. Windows firewall could be a reason that is causing this error.

If you haven’t specified your connection for your Roblox then the Windows firewall will block your connection and you’ll face Roblox error code 279.

How to Fix Roblox Error code 279

Solving the issues that I mentioned below would solve your error for sure.

Solution 1. Check your Network

First of all, you have to be concerned about your internet connection. So go through your task manager and see how many processes are running in the background. Consider the processes that are causing data connection. After that End that particular task.

Check your Network
Check your Network

Next Step: Go to your Windows settings and select the “update and recovery option”

Pc Setting
Pc Setting

Now hit the Choose update option by tapping the “Choose how updates get installed”.

Window Update
Window Update

And now select the “never check for updates” option. This way windows won’t consume data from your background without your permission and you won’t be disturbed by any error while playing Roblox.

Choose how update get installed
Choose how updates get installed

Last Step: Now open your browser and search for an online internet speed test. And test your internet speed, in this way, you’ll get to know whether your internet is slower or faster.

Solution 2. Windows firewall

Manage your Windows firewall settings and connections and run the game to see if you can possibly tackle Roblox error code 279.

Step 1: Go to your settings and search for windows firewall. After reaching the Windows firewall.

Step 2: After opening your Windows firewall you’ll see the “turn Windows firewall on or off” option. Tap on that option and turn off all the firewall settings to prevent this process.

turn windows firewall on or off
turn the windows firewall on or off

Turning off this option will stop every single activity that the windows firewall takes in your operating system. So it won’t disturb your connections anymore.

windows firewall setting
windows firewall setting

Solution 3. Choose a valid browser

Some of the guys would like to play Roblox via browser instead of downloading and installing the game.

Not all browsers are perfect for Roblox. I prefer to use Chrome and Firefox browsers. Choosing the wrong browser can affect your gameplay and you’ll face so many unpredictable errors.

The second thing you need to do is to turn off the third-party add-ons you are using to block Ads. This Ad blocker causes resistance to playing Roblox and sometimes you face Roblox error code 279

By following these steps, you’ll be able to fix your issue and enjoy your game without any problems. Keep your connection safe and don’t use any third-party software like VPN to change your gaming servers.

These VPNs put your game at risk and you have to tackle a lot of errors.

A VPN slows down the internet and consumes large internet data that increase your ping while playing games.

Some of them leak your data so using them could make you pay a high value for this also dangerous for your gaming.

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Video Tutorial

You can watch the video tutorial to solve error code 279.

The Conclusion

It’s a usual thing that we face a lot of errors while playing our favorite games. But solving them is not rocket science.

You can get through any error just by following the steps that I have mentioned above. Some games depend upon your internet connection.

Roblox is one of them. It consumes your internet data and connects you with Roblox adventure worlds.

Having a little bit of interference in the network connection can cause a disconnected error suddenly. In this situation, you’ll be out of the game.

Having an average internet connection is fine, but when we enable friend chat mode, then it increases the load on your network and increases high ping issues.

This is the reason that some of the players also face lag while playing games.

The last ultimate tip is to update your Roblox. Updating a game to its latest version fix all the errors automatically and adds a few new features and events.


Q1: Is Roblox free to play?

Answer: As everybody knows Roblox is a little bit the same as Minecraft, just because Minecraft is not free. They think the same about Roblox too. But Roblox is 100 percent free to play. You just have to purchase in-game items.

Q2: Is it possible to fix network issues using ethernet?

Answer: If your Wifi is causing interruptions in your internet speed then you should go for ethernet. Usually, ethernet is way faster than wifi but this trick only works when you have a lazy wifi connection.

Q3: what if these tricks don’t fix the issue?

Answer: The steps I have mentioned above cover all the aspects of these errors and still, if you are not able to fix this then you should do 2 things.
Step 1: Install Roblox again
Step 2: Update your Roblox to the latest version

I hope you solve or Fix Roblox error code 279. If you still have any queries regarding this post then let me know in the comment section.

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