How to Fix Xbox Error 0x803f8007 on Xbox Series X


Fix Xbox Error 0x803f8007

Another interesting issue that we found is Xbox Error 0x803f8007, which appears when players try to launch the game. This is the first time when players have tried to open the game after installing it. Unfortunately, just because of this Error players aren’t able to enter the game and play it.

Most of the players reported that they faced this issue after installing the game from Redeem Code. However some players face this issue after directly purchasing it from the Xbox store.

It’s not sure whether this Error is from the client side or the server side but it causes you sudden trouble while playing the game. It’s officially confirmed that Xbox Error 0x803f8007 appears when you refund your game and try to open that one game.

In simple words, you just canceled the order for your game. That’s why you always have issues whenever you try to open it. Let’s see what are the possible ways to fix this issue.

How to fix Xbox Error 0x803f8007

Error 0x803f8007 means that you already got a refund for your ordered game. But things get confused when it’s about games that are installed by Redeem Code. Surely, you might have purchased the code from any local website or someone else. This Error might cause you to lose money and time. Let’s see how you can get rid of it.

Solution 1: Check if the game was refunded

You must check your Microsoft account to make sure that the order isn’t canceled or refunded that’s why you’re facing this issue. Follow these steps to identify the problem.

Step 1: Sign in to your Microsoft account and scroll down to the bottom to see the game Add-on that you have purchased.

Step 2: If still you can start the game and have access to your game add-on then you still own the game and didn’t cancel the order.

But if you’re not able to access the game and don’t have access to play it then there are higher chances that the order is refunded or you don’t own the game.

Step 3: In any case, if you don’t find your game in order history then search for it on the Microsoft store. If you see the Buy a Copy option then it proves that you don’t have access to the game.

If the order isn’t refunded yet and you don’t still access the game then you should check the payment history. Follow these steps to see your payment history.

Check payment history

Step 1: Open the Guide Menu by pressing the Xbox button located on the controller.

Step 2: Click on Profile and System then select Settings.

Step 3: Go to the Account Menu then select Payment and Billing.

Payment and billing
Payment and billing

Step 4: Now go to Order history to see the transactions that you have made to purchase the game.

Order history
Order history

If you’ve purchased the game using redeem code then usually players are facing this issue because the game hasn’t been purchased completely or Redeem code could be invalid or expired.

The Xbox Redeem code contains 25 characters to buy any premium game. Every game contains its unique Redeem code which can get from Events or officially from Xbox Gifts. Having a corrupted Redeem code could cause Errors like Code 0x803f8007.

Solution 2: Clear Xbox Cache

Clearing the Cache of your Xbox Console might help you to fix this issue if it’s related to your device. It will remove all the temporary bugs from your device and then new cache memory will be stored when you restart the device.

Step 1: Go to Guide Menu by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

Step 2: Open Profile and System tab menu and choose the Settings option.

Profile and System
Profile and System

Step 3: Choose Devices and Streaming and then select the Blu-ray option from the right menu.

Profile and System
Profile and System

Step 4: Now select Persistent storage and then tap Clear Persistent Storage.

Clear Persistent Storage
Clear Persistent Storage

Now restart your Xbox by pressing the power button on it for 10 seconds. When it’s completely shut down then plug out the power cord and wait for at least 2 mins and plug in back. Power on your Console to see if the issue is occurring.

Clear Persistent Storage
Clear Persistent Storage

Solution 3: Set the amp; location and language

Make sure to correct your language and amp location. A mismatch in location and language might cause you errors like Error 0x803f8007. If you’re using Xbox with a mismatched location to your physical location, then first you need to correct it. Follow these steps to correct your language and location in Xbox.

Step 1: Go to your Main Guide menu by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

Step 2: Go to settings, and move to the System to open further system settings.

Step 3: Select language and location from the side menu.

Step 4: Here you can select language and location according to yourself.

Step 5: It’s better to restart your console after changing your language and location then open your game to check if the issues are fixed.

The Conclusion

Xbox Error 0x803f8007 means that you no longer own the product and don’t have any access to this right now. Players get this error after launching games that are purchased by the Xbox store or from Redeem Code.

Xbox officially confirmed that if you canceled the order or refunded it then you might also get this Error. Make sure you refunded your order and apply our steps if it’s causing you issues.


Q1: What is Error code 0x803f8007?

Answer: Players get this error after purchasing the game from the Xbox store or from the redeem code. It means that you no longer own the product and don’t have any access to this right now.

Q2: How to check payment or Order history in Xbox?

Answer: Move to the guide menu and then choose profile and system > Settings > Account > Payment and Billing > Order history. Here you can check your billing information.

Q3: How to change language and location in Xbox?

Answer: Go to settings and choose system settings and then select language and location. Here you can choose to change your location and language.

Last Words

I hope you Fix Xbox Error 0x803f8007 on Xbox Series X. If you still have any queries then comment below.

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