More PS5 preorders coming soon Check on Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop


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More PS5 preorders coming soon

More PS5 preorders coming soon: On 25th September, PS5 is Available on Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop. However, after one minute, it went out of stock.

We all know the PS5 available at the retail store from 12th November. But some sites start preordering. 

Yesterday 25th September, I tried to order on Walmart Canada and GameStop. Unfortunately, it showed out of stock.

If you didn’t Preorder PS5 like me, then don’t worry. Sony officially confirmed on twitter; more stock is coming soon on online retail shops.

Users have two options either visiting retail sites everyday or wait for 12th November.

People tweet different things on twitter, and some are frustrated. The majority of PS5 lovers cannot preorder PS5 because of limited stock.

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GameStop confirmed on twitter; thank you for preordering. PS5 preorder closed for now. For more updates, keep vising GameStop.

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After reading their tweets, we can expect more units can come for preorder.

Walmart Canada Gaming tweets all PS5 sold out. Please continue to follow for any further updates on availability.

One thing is sure after reading all tweets is that PS5 will be available for pre-orders on these retail sites.

Where to Preorder or Check availability

You can check availability on the following sites. You may see all sites showing out of stock. But, you have to check regularly because PS5 can available for pre orders at any time.

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