Fix Please close other Riot Games products before signing out


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Please close other Riot Games products before signing out

Recently, Valorant players have encountered unexpected issues that don’t let players sign out.

Whenever they try to sign out to sign in with another account, a prompt appears with the message “Please close other Riot Games products before signing out.

If you’re still struggling with this problem, follow our guide to fix this issue and start playing again.

After finishing playing with Valorant when players try to log out, An error message catches their attention and their Valorant can’t sign out.

Usually, this error explains that other Riot services or games are still running in the background, that’s why you can’t sign out right now.

First, you need to kill that service from the background and go ahead with the signing-out process.

Causes of the Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the “Please close other Riot Games products before signing out” error. Some common causes include:

Background Processes: Other Riot Games processes running in the background, even if the client is closed.

Outdated Riot Games Client: Using an outdated version of the Riot Games client can lead to conflicts during the sign-out process.

Third-Party Applications: Certain third-party applications might conflict with Riot Games products, causing the error.

System Glitches: Temporary glitches or issues with your computer’s operating system can trigger the error message.

Now that we understand the causes, let’s explore the solutions to resolve this frustrating error.

How to fix Please Close Other Riot Games Products Before Signing Out

As this error shows that there are other Riot services or products running and you need to close them first. If you’re sure there aren’t any other services that are running then it’s most likely a Bug. Apply these steps to fix this issue.

Solution 1: Sign out Riot Client

There is a higher chance that this issue is caused by Riot Client. Valorant developers confirmed this troubleshooting method by replying to a player’s reported issue. So, you must give it a try and see if it ends up helpful for you.

Step 1: Find the RiotRiot Client on your Windows Search box or simply right-click on your Valorant and select Open file location.

Step 2: You’ll be taken to a file directory, choose the UX folder there.

UX Folder
UX Folder

Step 3: Now double-click on the RiotclientUx folder. It will take you to your Riot client, Click on the profile icon in the right upper corner and it will open the account menu.

Riot Client UX
Riot Client UX

Step 4: Click on Sign out and you’ll be logged out of your account and will see the sign-in page.

Sign OUT
Sign OUT

By using this method, you’ll be able to log out from your Valorant account. But it’s a temporary method if it doesn’t work for you and you still face the “Please close other Riot games products before signing out” issue then follow these steps that may help you to solve this issue.

Solution 2: End background tasks

Make sure to remove all Riot background processes that are running which can cause you a ” Valorant can’t sign out” issue with a prompt message. To disable this process make sure to follow these steps.

Step 1: Right Click on your taskbar to open task manager or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete located on your keyboard to open it.

Step 2: A new tab fills open, Click more details or processes, and then a new tab will open where all the background processes are running.

Step 3: Right-click on every task which contains Riot name and then choose End task to disable them

Step 4: Once all the processes are removed from the background, restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Clear the game Cache

If any of the above steps aren’t working for your problem then it’s more likely a bug that is causing your game this issue.

At this point, we recommend you clear your game cache memory which will fix this issue. Please follow these steps to do that:

Delete Cache folders

Step 1: Press Win + R on your keyboard to open Run command windows and then type appdata in the blank box and press ok.

App Data
App Data

Step 2: Now select the Local folder and open it. In the next tab make sure to open the Riot Games folder.

Local Riot Games
Local Riot Games

Step 3: Make sure to Delete all three folders (Install VALORANT, Riot Client, VALORANT) that you find on the next page.


Solution 4: Uninstall the Vanguard

Step 1: Open your control panel, and then select Uninstall a program option under Programs.

Uninstall Riot Games
Uninstall Riot Games

Step 2: Here find the Riot Vanguard and right-click on it then select Uninstall.

Step 3: Make sure to restart your device and open the game.

Restart Device
Restart Device

Vanguard will be reinstalled automatically and all the cache folders will be created as well. New Cache memory will be stored and your issue will be fixed.

The Conclusion

Valorant players aren’t able to sign out of their accounts and are facing an error message “Please close other Riot Games products before signing out” issue.

It could be a bug or any Riot services are running in the background which should be closed. So make sure to clear the game cache and close all the services.


Q1: How to close all Riot Client processes?

Answer: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and head to the Task Manager. Select Riot Client processes and select End task to disable them from the background.

Q2: How do I clear the Game cache of Valorant?

Answer: Type appdata in the Run command and head to the file directory. Go to Local> Riot Games and then delete all three folders you see. Restart the device and open the game.

Q3: why can’t I sign out from Valorant?

Answer: If you see an error message in the prompt that “Please close other Riot Games products before signing out” then there might be other Riot processes running in the background that is preventing you from signing out.

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