How to Fix High Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile ( 100% Working ) 2023


Fix high ping issue in PUBG mobile

Fix High Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile: PUBG has more than 50 Million active users in a day. These users mostly come from India. Therefore, Users how to fix high ping problems in PUBG Mobile.

When you play a PUBG Mobile game online, the ping increased dramatically. As a result, the PUBG game started lagging, which gives an awful gaming experience.

Hello guys! In this article, I will give you a solution to reduce the high ping issue in PUBG mobile. So you don’t need to worry because you are not alone in facing this problem.

I always recommend using a 4G or 5G network to Play PUBG games on your mobile.

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Fix High Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile

Here are the various ways to get lower ping or latency while playing PUBG Mobile online.

  • Stop Running Background Applications
  • Choose High-Speed Internet
  • Install Gaming booster
  • PUBG Mobile Setting
  • Turn off Auto Sync 
  • Adjust Graphics Settings
  • Keep Your Device and Apps Updated

Solution: #1 Stop Running Background Applications

Our Smartphones have various mobile apps running, which consume a lot of our data. These applications don’t need to run backgrounds, such as Photoshop, a Selfie camera, and video editing apps. 

Therefore, we need to restrict these applications in the background, which gives more internet speed to PUBG mobile games.

Step 1: Go to Mobile Setting.

Step 2: Click On “Data Usage.”

Step 3: Click on any apps which you don’t want to run automatically.

If you don’t know and want to restrict applications in the background then use the game booster feature.

Solution: #2 Choose High-Speed Internet

The Internet plays a crucial role in gaming. If you are not using high-speed internet, then I think you will get a high ping issue. 

Check internet speed
Check internet speed

I always recommended users to chose a better internet provider according to their area. In some regions, Airtel performs well, and on the other site JIO, Vodafone, and India’s Idea.

You can check internet speed from In this way, you will know the Downloading and uploading speed of your current plan.

Solution: #3 Install Game Booster

gaming booster
gaming booster

Gaming booster features introduce in many new smartphones. The main motive of gaming boosters is to give a better gaming experience on mobile.

This gaming turbo stops all unnecessary applications that consume data. After using this feature, you will have more RAM and Internet speed available on your SmartphoneSmartphone.

As a result, You will Fix the High Ping Problem in PUBG Mobile while playing PUBG Mobile online.

You have to select the game in the gaming turbo. Whenever you play any game, then you will not face any ping problems. Many users are is unaware of it.

If you don’t have a Gaming turbo in your SmartphoneSmartphone, then you can install it from PlayStore. There are various gaming boost applications available.

Solution: #4 PUBG Mobile Setting

If you don’t have a higher processor or RAM in your SmartphoneSmartphone, you should change the graphics setting and frame rate in the PUBG game.

You have to check every game setting and frame rate and find out which one fits my mobile. In this way, you can play PUBG without facing any problems and Fix High Ping problems in PUBG Mobile.

Solution: #5 Turn off Auto Sync 

turn off auto sync
turn off auto-sync

Auto Sync is an excellent feature in a mobile phone which store images automatically to servers. There are more benefits, such as giving important notifications and emails. 

However, Auto Sync consumes a lot of bandwidth and battery in a Smartphone. When users play PUBG, they face high ping issues because of some bandwidth used by this feature.

I always suggest that users turn off auto-sync features on their smartphones.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Click on Accounts and Sync.

Step 3: Turn off the Auto-sync.

Solution 6: Adjust Graphics Settings

Lowering the graphics settings in PUBG Mobile can reduce the lagging on your device and network, resulting in lower ping. I would suggest, experimenting with different graphics presets to find a balance between visual quality and performance.

If you lower settings such as resolution, and shadow quality then can significantly improve ping.

Solution 7: Keep Your Device and Apps Updated

I would recommend regularly updating your device’s operating system, PUBG Mobile app, and any other relevant apps.

You know the game developers often release updates that address performance issues and optimize network connectivity which helps to maintain low ping.


Q1: Can high ping affect gameplay in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, high ping can lead to lag, and delays in PUBG Mobile, making it difficult to play the game smoothly.

Q2: How do I check my ping in PUBG Mobile?

To check your ping in PUBG Mobile, First of all, go to the settings menu, I would say select “Basic,” and enable the “Show Ping” option. Your current ping will be displayed on the screen while playing.

Last Words:

I hope you have fixed a high ping problem in PUBG Mobile by implementing these methods. If you still face any issues, then let us know in the comment section.

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